Lewis Stevenson Used To Change In Management At Hibs


Hibs longest serving player Lewis Stevenson is once again mourning the loss of one manager whilst waiting to find out who the replacement will be and whether he will be in their plans. In previous years, Hibs have remained tight lipped about the new appointments, but on this occasion, Rod Petrie has made it known that Terry Butcher is his first choice and the long suffering Hibs’ fans are on the edge of their seats waiting to see whether the former England captain will agree to move south to the capital.

Lewis spoke at yesterday’s press conference about the situation and the resignation of Pat Fenlon.

“Aye, I’ve been through this situation a few times before and it’s not ideal. It doesn’t get any easier. The last manager was the longest serving we’ve had since Tony Mowbray and all the boys got on with him and everyone bought into the way he wanted to play.

“It probably was a shock. We obviously knew there was a bit of unrest from the fans and stuff but in the changing room we were convinced the manager was going to stay.

“The last couple of results weren’t great but we had been on a decent run before that and we thought we had turned the corner. It’s hard to take but these things happen and the manager thought it was best for the club, and hopefully that will be the case.

“It was disappointing what happened but it’s the seventh time it’s happened since I’ve been here, so I understand football now. It’s tough to take but we’ve got a massive game on Saturday and we just have to get on with it.

“He came in and spoke to us but he didn’t go into much detail, he just wished us all the best and thanked us for our efforts. He didn’t really give us an insight into the reasons for it.

“Everyone was disappointed but we just have to pick ourselves up, we can’t really dwell on it. We’ve got a massive game and helpfully we can get a performance and, more importantly, the result. “Jimmy’s obviously still here and taking the team and we owe Jimmy a performance and a result. We worked hard against Motherwell but we didn’t get the result and it’s a results-based business, so hopefully we can get that against Inverness.

Although clearly reluctant to discuss Terry Butcher, Lewis did confirm that the players had talked about the possibility amongst themselves. He continued:  “Players do talk about the next manager, it’s the natural thing to do, but you can’t really do anything until the new manager’s in place and you see what he’s actually like.

“I know what you’ve got to do, you’ve just got to be yourself, work hard and make sure you’re in the manager’s plans. If not, you have to fight your way in.

“We can’t really do anything until he comes in, and then we can take things from there.

“People have been asking Owain about Terry Butcher. There’s been a lot of speculation and I’m sure whoever gets the job will do a good job, and everyone will be fully behind whoever’s put in place.

“Without Jonesy saying anything we know he’s done a great job at Inverness. We always hate playing against his teams – they’re always well organised, work hard and I think they do play better football than they’re given credit for.

“We won’t know until someone’s put in place but people are saying it’s going to be him.

“It would be good to play for a team that people hate playing against. Easter Road has been a place in the last few years where teams enjoy playing against us, so, it would be nice if it was a place where teams didn’t like playing against us. It’s pretty much up to us to try and make it like that, and we’ll see what we can do.

Whatever happens over the next few days, Lewis is hoping that the appointment will be in place quickly and for the long haul. He said:  “I hope the next manager is for the long term. But I’ve been saying that for the last few managers we’ve had and it’s not really been the case.

“It’s basically up to the players and the results as well. We can’t talk about it being for the long haul if we’re not getting the results on a Saturday. Everyone knows it’s a results-based business and if we do get good results and climb high up the league and have good cup runs then the manager will stay in place for a long time.

“We’ve got everything in place; we’ve got a great stadium, the fan-base, the training ground – everything’s there. It’s maybe just the team that people are saying is not in place.

“Hopefully we can change that, but I do feel we’ve got a good enough squad to be competing higher up the league. It’s easy saying it, we just need to go out and do it.

“It’s important to get a new manager in quickly. It’s an important time of the year. When a manager leaves at the end of the season it gives the club more time.

“You don’t want to get a manager in and two days later be playing a game. With the international break, would be good to have him in and have a bit of time to work with the squad and show us the things he wants us to change, and the things he wants us to do.

“But we’ve got some massive games coming up in the league and we’ve got a cup game at the end of the month as well, so it would be good to get a manager in place as soon as possible so everyone knows what direction we’re going in.

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