The First Annual Academy Of Super Hero Film Awards

No matter how you feel about it, Thor : The Dark World was the final super hero/comic film in one of the biggest years for super films ever, still not a patch on last year but it was never going to be. Knowing that and seeing as we’re heading into award season I felt that now was the time to take 2013’s best comic films and dole out awards in the same categories as the Academy Awards but limit the field to comic book movies. Please comment below with your criticisms of my picks and feel free to pick your own. Oh and if you can pretend Kevin Smith is hosting it too that would be great.

Best Actor – Hugh Jackman (The Wolverine)

ImageThis was probably the closest call I had to make when compiling my list. On one hand we had Henry Cavill turning in a star making performance in Man of Steel, one which is going to walk him into a lot of high profile movie roles. On the other we had Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey JR and Chris Hemsworth returning to the roles they made famous but in grittier sequels. Even though I feel Cavill is the best acted Superman (not the most iconic yet though), I feel overall Hugh Jackman gave the best performance as a super hero this year. He took all the great features we have loved from his Wolverine over the past 13 years and added new layers of pain, regret and realism. It was his best outing as the razor clawed mutant and was the perfect precursor to the amazing looking X-men : Days Of Future Past.

ImageBest Actress – Chloe Grace-Moretz (Kick Ass 2)

This was a dead heat between Amy Adams and Chloe Grace-Moretz. Two completely different characters in two completely different movies who both did fantastic jobs and probably put in their best ever acting performance into their films. While obviously Adams is the far superior Actor, I give this one to Chloe as she was the only true lead actress in a super hero film this year and was easily the most entertaining element of Kick Ass 2. She has made Hit Girl completely her role and is the only hope that film has of a sequel.
ImageBest Supporting Actor – Tom Hiddleston (Thor : The Dark World)

This had to have been the easiest decision of these farcical non-existent awards. Tom Hiddleston for three straight movies has given us a constantly evolving but always enigmatic performances as the God of mischief, Loki. In Thor 2 he once again proved himself to be the far superior and popular than his quality and popular lead Chris Hemsworth. So much so that a few months before the films release they went into re-shoots with the purpose of getting more Loki in the film and probably alter the characters destiny. In a movie with a constant air of mediocrity Loki is a gale force of brilliance.

Best Supporting Actress – Diane Lane (Man of Steel)

ImageFor each of the previous three acting awards a Man of Steel actor has been my runner up so it’s good that Man of Steel gets a much deserved nod here. My only big complaint coming out of Man of Steel was how poor Pa Kent was through out the movie, from his soul crushing advice to his terrible decision making in emergency circumstances Pa Kent while well acted and a three dimensional character was ultimately a horrible father. However everything Pa Kent was supposed to be Ma Kent was and more. Diane Lane gave a grounded performance that was full of heart. She was the character I was most worried for when she was in danger and actually writing this now I realize she is exactly what I would want in casting Spiderman’s Aunt May. She is also a part of the most emotionally satisfying moment out of possibly any super hero movie when she and Clark are in the supply closet. A well acted performance and a well deserved win for Diane Lane.

Best Screen Play – David Goyer (Man of Steel)

ImageI understand some people didn’t like Man of Steel and those who didn’t mainly pointed to the script as their reason. However I feel the writing for Man of Steel was truly great work. Goyer created a rich mythology and a Superman the likes of which we have never seen on the big screen. He made some brave but clever decisions and ultimately delivered a great structure Zack Snyder could paint his explosions around. Superman is undeniably the toughest character to write from either DC or Marvel because of his near invulnerability and unflinching moral code. It took very clever writing to help us viewers empathize with this god like alien but Goyer’s writing allowed us to do that and its because of this he earns my top spot.

Best Director – James Mangold (The Wolverine)

ImageAnother really tough category, many directors put in herculean efforts and visibly tried to make great films through taking risks and avoiding playing the safe option. James Mangold however deserves this placing for a number of reasons. James Mangold pulled something off I feared could never be pulled off in a super hero movie, he grounded the scale of the conflict but escalated our investment. Too many super hero movies these days focus solely on saving the earth or New York, Mangold instead opted to focus on a more character oriented story and using his keen eye and story telling ability managed to increase our interest in this smaller scale adventure. He did the perfect job setting us up for next summers X-Men : Days Of Future Past.

And finally the winner of the Best Film award is …

Best Film – Man of Steel


Writing this article has reminded me of how much I enjoyed a lot of this years comic book films and one I down right hated (Iron Man 3 is still my Vietnam) however one rises to the top as my out right favourite and that is Man of Steel. Bar maybe a little too much clustering during the final action sequences this was a great film and a really interesting interpretation of Superman’s origin. The acting is all very real considering its a movie about a god like alien, the film is paced nicely and it was the only movie I felt was epic of the bunch. It also had one of the most shocking endings I have ever seen in any film which left me genuinely gob smacked for hours. It was a fantastic film and a perfect start to this new DC cinematic universe. Well done Zack Snyder and company, please contact me to collect your award or if you want field my interest in anything Superman vs Batman related.

These were just my thoughts let me know what you think in the comments section below and feel free to like, share and all that annoying stuff. Thanks for reading!

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