Are The Pacers The Real Deal?


The Pacers have got off to a 7-0 start which is an all time best for the franchise. Defending champions Miami Heat on the other hand have already lost three out of their opening seven games and will not have had the start that was envisioned by their supporters or indeed players prior to the season starting. The question now must be asked: Are the Pacers going to go all the way and keep this incredible form going which will allow them to become NBA Champions or will they drop off over the next few matches like has happened to many teams in the past?

Two months ago when I set about previewing the NBA season I fully believed that the Pacers would be a tough team to beat and that they would probably fall just short in the Conference finals against the Heat but maybe just maybe I and the majority of the basketball world have got it horribly wrong.

Surely the Pacers have not improved that much this off season. So far they have managed to overcome the Raptors, the Nets, the Bulls, the Pistons, the Cavs, the Pelicans and the Magic. That is a very impressive hit list with the win over Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls showing that the Pacers are to be taken seriously this season.

Is Frank Vogel just doing his job by getting the very best out of his team? The roster for this years Indiana Pacers is filled by many good players but really only one great player that you would imagine will go onto represent the USA at their next major tournament. I am of course thinking of Paul George as the superstar of this team. George is backed up by Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert and David West.

The signing of Luis Scola this summer is going to be massive as the season drags on as the pressure is no longer on Roy Hibbert in the 5 spot. Lance Stephenson has also been doing a stellar job as a starter this season as he has managed to help out Paul George with an average of 14.4 points per game. Having five players in double figures means most opposition coaches will spend more time scratching their head than actually putting together a solid game plan to keep the Pacers at bay.

The Pacers look set to go all the way if the early season form is anything to go on. 25.5 points from Paul George in his first seven games has certainly helped the cause and I will certainly be hoping they can shake things up at the top of the NBA for many seasons to come. One thing is for certain though that in the crazy world of the NBA you can never predict what the final outcome will be, so with a total of 74 games still to play for the Indiana Pacers many things can change between now and then.

Image courtesy of Bleacher Report/Getty Images

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