Love/Hate : An Alternative Look


The penultimate series of Love/Hate finished last night with fans somewhat aggrieved that only two mid card characters met a gruesome death.

Here we take a look back at the hit show to date, explaining all amidst the backdrop of the Irish government.

Nigel “Nidge” Delaney – The Taoiseach

So starting at the top of the food chain, we have Nidge. The replacement to former Taoiseach, John-Boy, R.I.P. , who did not get to retire with a state pension. Nidge acts like a boss simply cause he is the boss. As well as the post of Taoiseach he also doubles up as the Minister for Finance. Nidge is a busy boy, agitated constantly from his sheer work load he keeps everything going, allocates finance where necessary and watches the budget with hawk eyes. He, like all bosses , has had to make some big and hurtful decisions so far in his career. He has had to let staff go with a bang to ensure that the State stays afloat. He has had to be ruthless to repel any ideas of him being overturned. He is not a big fan of democracy, he would rather be a dictator. What you wouldn’t say to Nidge, ‘Did you have Darren clipped?’.

Fran Cooney – The Tanaiste/Minister For Foreign Affairs

Fran has huge ambitions to some day be Taoiseach. He has to bide his time though while Nidge runs the show. Like all good Tánaiste’s he is seen to stand by his man at all times but behind his back, he continually questions his leaders actions and tactics. Fran likes to take matters into his own hands, likes to be his own man and finds great difficulty in being answerable to Nidge. He calls the Taoiseach Nidgey to his face, a name that others don’t utter. Fran likes the country and has his own country estate, complete with dogs, diggers and caravan. He is the leader in waiting if Nidge doesn’t send him into exile first. Oh and Fran does not like Dentists. What you wouldn’t say to Fran, ‘how’s it going there Francis, my old flower?’.

Darren Treacy – Former Minister For Health

Now Darren is an example of one of the difficult decisions that the Taoiseach has had to make in his time in power. As the former Minister for Health, Darren carried out regular health checks on chosen people by the Taoiseach. Your health usually depended on how you managed to piss Nidge off. Darren is another former Minister that didn’t retire with a State pension. What you wouldn’t say to Darren, ‘hey Darren, great to be alive?’.

Janet – Minister For Emploment/Junior Minister For Foreign Affairs

Janet provides employment for staff in the State run offices. A former employee herself, she has a tendency to give employment to foreigners seeking work. Lithuania is a country that seems close to her heart. She also provides company for the Taoiseach when he needs it on his many nights away. She has on occasions entertained the entire cabinet in their offices and they all seemed to be very happy with the way that she runs things. What you wouldn’t say to Janet, ‘how’s Nidges missus doing?’.

Tommy Daly – Former Junior Minister For Health/Minister For Education

After the Taoiseach gave Tommy a hiding with a golf club, minister for sport came to mind. He was the former junior minister for health alongside his old pal Darren. Now working on half a brain, we have decided to move him into education. He has taken on a roll of flasher lately too, not the first minister to be caught with his pants down. What you wouldn’t say to Tommy, ‘Jaysus, Fran’s dogs are lovely, aren’t they?’.

Elmo Creed And Ado Kenny – Backbenchers

No matter what the Taoiseach says, the backbenchers will follow. That goes for whoever the Taoiseach is at the time though. These backbenchers are not as loyal as they make out to be, they just follow the power as they did from John-Boy to Nidge. What you wouldn’t say to Elmo and Ado, ‘here. which one of yis is the rat?’.

Detective Inspector Mick Moynihan – Opposition Leader

What can we say here only he does exactly what it says on the tin. He tries his best to upset the Taoiseach at every opportunity that he can. He has an able bodied force of spokesmen behind him at all times, he’s not looking to take over, he just wants to end Nidge’s reign at the top. Had a great chance to take down the Government but faltered as he showed a weakness for human life. Will he live to regret that decision? What you wouldn’t ask Mick Moynihan, ‘was Nidge with the drugs when you arrested him?’.

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