Dublin Woman To Climb Croagh Patrick For 100minds

imagesA Dublin woman is set to climb Croagh Patrick in an attempt to raise much needed funds for Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

Lucan native Eimear Kelleher will scale the 2,500ft mountain on November 29th as part of the 100minds campaign to raise €100,000 for the hospital.

100minds is a non-profit organisation that brings together some of Ireland’s most driven graduate and undergraduate students and connects them with one cause to achieve big goals in a short space of time.

DIT student Eimear was chosen as a participant and is challenging herself to raise €1,000 over the next three months. She is running a number of events to help reach her target. She is currently planning a quiz, some bake sales and a Man V Food challenge to compliment her climb of the County Mayo mountain.

Students from all over the country have signed up for the campaign, which Eimear happened to come upon  by chance. “I got involved with 100minds quite randomly to be honest. I was just scrolling through my Facebook timeline one day when I came across a post for the campaign. I have no idea if a friend had liked it or what but I found it anyway. I clicked on the link, read about the cause and straight away wanted to be a part of it. Obviously, I knew it’d be a great CV booster but more importantly, I wanted to make a difference to the lives of the patients in Temple Street. Being confined to a hospital ward isn’t exactly the ideal childhood but it’s the life so many kids lead. I just want to help make their time in hospital as comfortable as it possibly can be.”

Eimear is no stranger to charity, having ran the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon over the past two years for Our Lady’s Hospice and the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, two charities she holds dear to her heart. However she’s delighted she now has the opportunity to help fundraise for Temple Street. “I’m so glad I’ve finally gotten the chance to raise money for Temple Street. They treat so many children each year, they really do all they can for them. Not just in terms of actual medical care but in their overall patient care.”

The first of Eimear’s charity efforts will come at the end of November when she travels to Mayo to scale Croagh Patrick, something she is more than ready for. “Thankfully I’m quite fit already. I recently ran the Dublin Marathon so I’m in good enough shape. I exercise 5/6 times a week as is – mostly running but also a good bit of swimming. Aside from this, I walk/hike a lot too so I’m well up for the challenge of Croagh Patrick.”

Once Eimear completes her climb she will then focus on her other events. Speaking about her Man V Food event, she said “My Man V Food event is still under construction. It’ll most likely be a chicken wing challenge – extremely spicy chicken wings in a certain amount of time without any water, milk, etc. That seems to be the best option. However, I’m also considering the possibility of a stacked burger with a side of chips challenge. I’m a big fan of the show so I’ve seen most of the meals on it, those 2 seem to be the most popular so it’s just a case of what’s more feasible I suppose.”

23 year old Eimear is determined to reach her target and says it’s very important that people  remain charitable despite the recession. “There’s no two ways about it; regardless of the recession, it is crucial to stay charitable these days. No matter how hard we think we have it, there’s people out there really struggling to get by. You can’t put a price on good health care or more importantly, on someone’s life. Sparing a few Euro is not asking an awful lot. Not to sound cheesy but every little helps. Every single cent matters.”

If you would like to support Eimear and help her make a difference you can do so by donating here.

  1. November 19th, 2013

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