TNA’s Storm Looking Forward To Visiting Father’s Homeland


TNA Wrestling superstar James Storm is has no doubt he will arrive in Ireland this January with a belt firmly wrapped around his waist.

However, the belt may not be what fans of the redneck revolution are expecting. “I don’t know about a title but I’ll have some kind of belt, whether it be a belt to hold up my pants or a world title belt.”

The Tennessee native bowed out of the TNA World Title tournament this week when his partner Gunner threw the towel in after The Cowboy endured a brutal beating at the hands of former Beer Money companion Bobby Roode in a Florida Death Match. However Storm insists his quarter final defeat won’t hinder his title prospects and he is ready to reclaim gold, whether it be in singles or tag action.

Storm is confident of title success in the near future and would love to have some gold around his waist when TNA visits his father’s homeland. TNA brings their Maximum Impact tour to Dublin’s national stadium on Wednesday January 29th 2014, a venue Storm is more than familiar with, having emerged victorious from a triple threat with Roode and Austin Aries when TNA last visited these shores.

Thursday’s Turning Point Pay Per View saw fans watch on agonisingly as Storm lost out to Roode, who had jumped him 24 hours earlier at an Orlando bar. The duo teamed together for three years as Beer Money, winning four TNA World Tag Team titles in the process. They dominated the TNA tag division until Storm defeated Kurt Angle to win the TNA World Heavyweight Title on October 2011. Roode joined his partner in the ring to celebrate his success but eight days later their friendship would be broken when Roode cracked Storm’s own beer bottle over his head to secure victory and take Storm’s World Title.

Storm has since proved he has the beating of Roode and the duo have enjoyed some hellacious encounters. Asked whether we have seen the end of their feud, Storm said they have some unfinished business.  “Me and Bobby have a great feud. We like to kick the crap out of each other as much as we can. Whenever we get a chance, we will do it.”

Despite his initial anger at Gunner throwing in the towel, Storm insists he can see his partner’s motive.” At the time I was pretty frustrated but looking back now I see why he did it. Me and him are a tag team and I guess it’s in his best interest that I’m healthy . He wouldn’t want me injured or  anything. Once your partners injured or anything that’s your tag team titles chance gone. I won’t get jealous about what he did.”


Storm was still bruising from Thursday’s match when he told us what’s next on his agenda. “Me and Gunner are still a tag team and want to go after the tag team belts. I still want to be heavyweight champion. I’ve been here since the very beginning and feel it’s my turn to lead company.”

Storm is one of the last remaining TNA Originals, having served the company since 2002. He has seen many come and many go, from the lofty heights of Hulk Hogan to the lesser known wrestlers. Storm insists TNA has seen many ups and downs since its foundation over a decade ago but it’s in a better place now. “It’s had its highs and lows. In the very beginning we started out in Huntsville, Alabama at the national fairgrounds, there’s a lot of love there. Then we struck the deal with Fox Sports Net before linking up with Spike TV and starting European tours. I’ve seen it all. It’s definitely a lot better now that’s for sure.”

But despite all of the success TNA has enjoyed, Storm firmly believes it can go onto bigger and better things as some have never even heard of the company, which boasts famous wrestlers such as Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy on their roster. Speaking about what the plan for the future is, Storm said “Get bigger, get the name out there and make more people aware of TNA. It’s crazy how many wrestling fans do not know about TNA. Our main thing is to start spreading the word. We need our fans to help us spread the word and grow our company.”

Storm, real name James Cox, feels TNA can benefit from taking in more international tours.. “Every time we go overseas we’re given a huge welcome, whether it be in Ireland, England, Germany or wherever, the fans always come out. European fans aren’t as spoiled as American fans because in America you can catch a TNA or WWE show everywhere whereas we only go to Europe once a year.”

Speaking of WWE, we wondered just how much attention TNA pays to the major player in the pro wrestling industry. “I’m not in the meetings or whatever but to me you always keep an eye on your competition no matter what. I’m sure they have people who watch us; it’s the nature of the beast. You always want to know what your competitors are doing so you can do something better.”

James is looking forward to returning to Ireland and fans will be hoping he brings a six pack of longnecks with him come the new year. “ I always love Dublin with the old style bars, they’re pretty cool. We usually arrive the night before the show and me and some of the guys will go out that night, have a couple of beers and walk around the town”, said Storm who soaked fans with alcohol last time he visited Dublin.

Storm has a strong affinity with his father’s homeland and has a message for Irish wrestling fans who have never seen TNA. “It’s always televised but if you want to see professional wrestling you’ve got to go see it live, there’s nothing like it live. Even I can hardly watch it on TV but I love even indie shows, just doing it and watching it live. Just to be able to see what a lot of the guys on our roster can do. Basically we’re all stuntmen and actors; we beat ourselves up for the fans to come watch us. You’re missing out if it’s not live. It’s better than anything I have ever done, its one hell of a show.”

At 36, Storm has already enjoyed a lengthy career. A lot has changed since the young Franklin native first began training in 1995 and he sees TNA as having the advantage over their opponents for many reasons. “The guys we got on our roster. They’re so dedicated. They want this, they want to get better. Everybody works with everybody to make everybody better. You see guys telling each other you should work on this or you should do this you know. That is something you don’t really see. All you see is people stabbing people in the back.”

Storm has one final message for fans before he comes to Irish shores and it ties in with both his mantra and Irish culture. Beer lover Storm , whose fondness for alcohol stems from his Irish roots insists he is ready to down some longnecks with Irish hell raisers.   “ I love to have fun and if people recognise me, hell come and have a beer with me. Have fun, that’s what life is all about. This is my dream, I get to travel the world , meet different people, drink beer, beat people up. Who wouldn’t want to live this dream.”

TNA brings their Maximum Impact tour to Dublin’s national stadium on Wednesday January 29th 2014. Tickets available from

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