Bundle Research For TV, Broadband And Phone Deals Is Worth The Time It Takes


We all know that the cheapest way to get broadband and subscription TV channels at home these days is in a bundle, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve bothered to do it yet. When you come home after a long day, the last thing you probably feel like doing is shopping around for a good deal on your TV or internet subscriptions.

But by not streamlining separate services for broadband, TV and phoneline, you could be paying double what you need to. Doing a little research to compare what each company has on offer won’t take more than a couple of hours – at the very most – and it could save you hundreds on an annual basis.

The Sky Broadband package offerings include a variety of customisable choices. Say, for example, you watch lots of different channels and rely on Sky to watch all the latest movies, then you’ll probably want the full range of channels, but the monthly download limit on broadband may not be so important to you. However, if you like streaming movies and music online, then you’ll probably be looking for an unlimited broadband package.

When deciding which provider to use, don’t just go for what appears to be the cheapest option. Think about how you’ll actually use each of the services and use this check list as a guide.

Connection speed

There’s no use signing up to a broadband service that advertises high speed connections if they’re not attainable in your area. Get any potential supplier to run a broadband speed test for your phone line or postcode to make sure you have a realistic idea of what speeds you’re likely to get. This is especially relevant if you do a lot of streaming of movies and other programmes.

Phone line

Some people don’t have a landline – or only have one so that they can get a broadband connection. If you’re someone who hardly picks up the home phone to make calls, then you probably won’t be interested a bundle that includes daytime and evening calls, or free international calls. You might want to reduce the monthly cost and go for the minimum phone option in a bundle. On the other hand, if you make lots of overseas calls, this is something you could save on with a bundle deal.

Contract length

Compare the prices of different suppliers, but don’t forget to also compare how long each one will tie you in for. You may prefer to pay a slightly higher monthly fee so that you can change the contract sooner. If your broadband requirements are likely to change in the next year or two, the shorter the contract you choose, the better. It’s also an option to start with a basic deal – with the minimum of TV channels, for example – and upgrade when you’re ready to.

Although it’s tedious, doing just a bit of research on the best bundles around for telecoms could save you significant amounts and will mean that you get the right package for your needs.

Image courtesy of Espen Sorvik

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