News in Brief – Storms Hit Hard As Gun Law Repealed


So NIB is back after prolonged Christmas hols and what’s been happening around the country?

We’re all underwater as storms continue to wreak havoc like the last guest at your New Year’s Eve party, who wasn’t invited anyway and then turned up with friends in tow and ate the entire prawn ring, but anyway. According to those in the know, jobs are looking up, crime stats are down and soon North and South might be getting along.

This development in Troubles relations comes on the back of leaders meeting at the Stormont Hotel to address various issues relating to Republican and Loyalist relations and the unification of common aims for the North’s political parties. A good cause, but why were they meeting in the Stormont Hotel? There is actually another perfectly suited building in the vicinity purpose built for governmental meetings. Perhaps it was being used for a corporate away-day, anyway our leaders are bound to come up with some solutions to the years-old conflict, as soon as they’ve emptied their mini-bars and made full use of the spa facilities.

Some will be happy that it will no longer be illegal for Catholics to carry guns. Well it will of course, but the 1739 order of Lord Lieutenant, William Cavendish, the Third Duke of Devonshire is being repealed. The obsolete order that demanded that arms, armour and ammunition be seized by force from “any Papist (or) reputed Papist” has been judged out of date for 2014, a late Christmas present for us all!

Drink advertisements may be a thing of the past at sports pitches but the GAA are coupling up with chocolate giant Cadbury’s to release a special edition Moro bar. Wait a minute, a sports organisation pairing itself with a high-calorie health damaging consumable? On the same page of the Irish Times website, sitting cosily next to this news for the GAA is the story that over a third of adults across the world are now overweight or obese. . . .

Keep your eyes on developing Limerick City of Culture news in the coming weeks, what with organisers all ready jumping ship, the story and Limerick’s cultured status (which will be running all year hehe!) is bound to become more and more scandalous.

But anyway, for this week good luck, don’t get too wet and happy new year!

(Now for a bit of shameful self-promotion, if you’re looking for something funny to read this Friday head over to, or don’t, you know, it’s up to you, whatever.)

Image courtesy of RTE.

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