Boxing : Pascal Overcomes Bute In Montreal


NABF light heavyweight champion Jean Pascal out-pointed former IBF super middleweight champion Lucian Bute over twelve rounds claiming the vacant WBC diamond championship in the process.

The Bell Center in Montreal, Canada was packed out as both boxers wanted to claim bragging rights at their adopted home. Pascal (29-2-1, 17KOs) from Haiti,boxing out of Quebec, claimed the decision over Lucian Bute (31-2, 24KOs) from Romania, also boxing out of Quebec.

After a cagey first round, Lucian Bute looked to be boxing smart at the start of round two,picking off Pascal, but as the round went on,Pascal applied some pressure to Bute. The round exploded near the end as both boxers traded punches, Bute did not look comfortable as his back touched the ropes,and looked a bit panicked and shaken as the round ended (maybe a flash from the Carl Froch fight).

The fight took on a pattern by the fourth round, with Bute boxing at a distance showing his boxing skills,but Pascal coming on strong towards the end of each round,making Bute uncomfortable and catching the eyes of the judges.

By the sixth round both boxers looked a bit cagey and not really willing to engage in a fight. Pascal would come forward in little bursts and catch Bute but backed away. It was clear to see by now that Bute just didn’t know what to do when Pascal came forward on the attack. But Pascal would back away not willing to engage in a fight. This was strange as he was coming out on top in the exchanges.

The fight which was described beforehand as “Canada’s Mayweather-Pacquiao fight” and “Canada’s Super Bowl” did not live up to the hype with long periods of both boxers doing nothing. But Pascal was robbing each round with little bursts and catching the eye of the fans and the judges.

In the eight round Bute went down, but it was ruled no knock down,as it was a punch to the back of the head.

The tenth round brought a cut to Bute due to a clash of heads,Bute eventually came forward for the first time in the fight as blood trickled down from between his eyes. Bute must have known the fight was getting away from him,and mounted his attacks, but it was all too late, in the twelfth round Pascal hardly threw a punch as Bute landed his cleanly.

Pascal took the decision on all three judges scorecards (116-112, 117-110, 117-111).

After the fight Pascal said “I didn’t throw much cause I wanted the fight to be close for a rematch”.

Bute had said he was very disappointed with his performance and “really wants a rematch”. It’s hard to see a rematch been made after such a fight was built up and disappointed many fans who were expecting a good competitive encounter.

So what now for Pascal?? He showed no desire to fight the current light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson (23-1, 20KOs),and based on his performance against Bute in my opinion I can’t see him having much of a chance. It would be a big promotion having another all Canadian bout,but Stevenson seems to be on another level to Pascal at the moment.

A fight with unbeaten Russian Sergey Kovalev (23-0-1, 21KOs) would make no sense at all based on Pascal’s performance and besides Kovalev more than likely easily beating him he has Stevenson in his sights. The only fight that really makes sense for Pascal at this time would be a rematch with Britain’s Super middleweight champion Froch (32-2, 23KOs) who beat him back in 2008. Whether that is a fight that can happen remains to be seen but their is not much of a (sensible) choice left for Pascal based on Saturday night’s performance.

As for Bute, another loss on his record and nowhere really to turn at the moment. At 33 he suffered his first defeat back in 2012 also to Froch. It looks like he still hasn’t shaken off that defeat. Froch and Pascal showed just how to beat Bute, when a fighter comes forward and punches aggressively Bute just seems to crumble. Maybe this was the last time we will see Bute as he is not the boxer he once was. But he can walk away from the sport (if he decides to) with his head held high. He has accomplished great things in the sport and has shown great sportsmanship in all his fights. In my opinion I don’t think Bute, at 33 , will be able to break higher ground. All I can see for Bute at this time is nothing other than providing a very tough test to a young hungry boxer looking to make a name for himself.

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