The Theatre Of Dreams Wasn’t Built In A Day


At what point does the blame go on the players at a football club rather than the man picking the starting XI? Is the media purely trying to change public perception of David Moyes? Is Moyes the easiest and most obvious target for United’s gloomy season?

Granted, this article may sound like a rant at the players at Manchester United but it’s not. I’m not a United fan, either.

The current situation at Manchester United is their manager, David Moyes, is being roasted alive for problems out of his current control. Is it his fault players aren’t up to the standard? Sir Alex Ferguson had a type of ‘fear factor’ above each and every player that walked through the doors at Old Trafford. David Moyes doesn’t.

He was never going to have this factor over the players in his first season, and being honest, some players are just there for the handy pay cheque at the end of the week. Players that wouldn’t get into other big sides throughout the world of football such as Barcelona,  Bayern Munich or Real Madrid.

You have Phil Jones, who is severely overrated by the fans that pay their way through the Old Trafford turnstiles. Jones is not your typical centre back, you’re typical centre back kicks the striker and gets the ball rid on every given opportunity. Your typical defender doesn’t play centre-mid and try these runs from defence up to the opposition goal.

How is it ex Everton manager Moyes’ fault that he inherited this side? Fergie dragged the best out of these players but after so many years in the world of football he knew the time was right to walk away and on the 8th of May last year, he did the right thing. Manchester United won’t win the league under any manager for quite a while if they maintain this squad.

Their best player is either an 18 year old who recently burst onto the scene or a 40 year old midfielder whom, with respect, is still trying to show he still has ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ is. Would José Mourinho get the best out of these players? I highly doubt it. Granted, he could be sitting third/fourth, but top? Not a hope.

We can take a look at their side, from top to bottom. Ah, their left back. Goes by the name of Patrice Evra. Had his time, should be gotten rid of. Considering his age, pace, and everything else you look for in your typical wing back and defender. He hasn’t got it.

Rio Ferdinand? Say what you want. He can be solid. But, now, at his age? Solid is the last thing he is. Should have been told to stay at home a long time ago. David Moyes must bolster his defensive ranks if Manchester United are to have any chance of qualifying for the Champions League.

Moving further up the pitch and things don’t get better as United continue to lack a central midfielder in the mould of Roy Keane. Marouane Fellaini was a panic buy, into the late stages of deadline day in August. Arsenal were on the verge of signing Mesut Ozil, while Moyes returned to Everton to sign the Belgian. The Scottish born manager has always been among Fellaini’s top fans, as am I.  Players sometimes just don’t suit the big team, Robbie Keane at Liverpool, being one other example. But, he must have thought Fellaini could combine both the defensive and playmaking qualities the United midfield craved.

When Moyes took up the hotseat he began a massive clear-out of Fergie’s backroom staff with trusted lietuenants Rene Meulensteen (now Fulham manager) and Mike Phelan cast aside. Moyes brought his staff from Everton while also adding Ryan Giggs to his coaching charges. Surely maintaining some of Fergie’s backroom staff would have allowed for a smoother transition?

There is no doubt its time to start pointing the finger at the players, who are simply happy to pick up the 250k wage packet and read about how their team is ‘failing’ under their new manager. No fear, no game. Perhaps the players dislike Moyes and feel he wasn’t a big enough character to take over from Fergie?

Maybe with the inclusion of Juan Mata, who should have been bought sooner, United will kick on and return to some form of old.

But you cannot stop buying there, United still require a solid centre midfielder and left back amongst other things.

The Theatre Of Dreams wasn’t build in six months. Matt Busby would tell you that. Alex Ferguson will tell you that.

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