News in Brief-Brooks Mania Grows As BBC Makes Unfortunate Error


NIB has been away swimming through Cork (you may have seen us on the news), hope no one was too distraught, anyway we’re back now, stop crying.

Seems while we were gone the Neknomination craze took off with dire consequences. The latest story following the Facebook phenomenon has seen an Irish girl in Australia swallow a goldfish in her “neknominated” pint. NIB hoped it was the classic carved carrot joke but sadly not. The girl, a trainee solicitor no less, from Newry has since received death threats and online abuse, to which she replied, celebs do it on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (How did she get through the entry exams?) and, you know, she get’s it yeah? Writing on her Twitter “feel depressed.” To what extent can humans become more ridiculous?

Spending €800 on Garth Brooks tickets would be a good start, the price some of the ‘one-off’ event passes were going for on eBay. Before, that is, Garth went on to reveal a continual stream of dates, day after day, after day. At time of writing a sixth ‘one-off’ show is set to be added before undoubtedly the 12th, 123rd, 642nd etc. We’ve only just got Troika to stop hanging around now we’re going to have to try to get Brooks to bugger off.

There goes another pig, over our heads, heading for Navan. Or Monaghan. This is the news a €100,000 sculpture of a pig is to be erected on the N2 Dublin/Derry motorway paid for by Monaghan County Council and created by Scottish sculptor David Annand. The “piece of art” is meant to represent the legend St Maeldoid’s Pig. (The fella that kept trying to build a monastery in Castleblaney but a pig kept stealing the bricks.) It would be fitting then, if every time they tried to erect the antiquated over-priced pig someone took away the foundations . . .

In celeb news, One Direction are to open a chain of coffee shops apparently over-estimating the average age of their fans by about fifteen years. A cross between a cafe and a One Direction supermarket, the new venture will initially begin in Japan before spreading to New York, London and Berlin. Then the world will implode.

Across the water the BBC have been left looking silly after a subtitling error on their coverage of the Chinese New Year. Instead of welcoming viewers to the year of the horse, the BBC instead welcomed in ’the year of the whores’. This follows a similar gaff during the funeral of the Queen Mother, when instead of saying ’we will now have a moment’s silence’ viewers were told ’we will now have a moment’s violence’. Makes RTE look positively professional.

Now go away, at least until next Friday. In the mean time NIB neknominates you all to get out more and do something useful.

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