Undertaker’s Top Five Wrestlemania Matches


With Wrestlemania 30 now just a few weeks away, it seems only right to delve back through the history of its most prestigious aspect- the streak. The Undertaker will return to Wrestlemania to fight Brock Lesnar, where he is undefeated in twenty-one bouts. His list of previous opponents show few pushovers, having beaten Jimmy Snuka, Jake The Snake Roberts, Kane (x2), Shawn Michaels (x2) and Triple H (x3), among others. The Undertaker has been responsible for some of Wrestlemania’s finest moments, and here we will look back at his five top encounters.

Undertaker vs Sycho Sid, Wrestlemania 13 (6-0)

Undertaker has fought some of the biggest, toughest guys over the years, like Diesel, King Kong Bundy and Giant Gonzales, but arguably the most dominant performance of all came from Sycho Sid. He bossed the Undertaker around the ring for long stretches of the match after they had traded finishing moves early on. Bret Hart emerged to interfere twice in the match, following an opening tirade about his absence from the title match. He went on to cost Sid the match, allowing the Undertaker to capture the heavyweight title.

Undertaker vs Kane, Wrestlemania 14 (7-0)

This match had been brewing for a long time, following the long build up to Kane’s epochal debut, where Paul Bearer threatened to bring him forward against the Undertaker for months, finally culminating in him costing ‘Taker the first ever Hell in a Cell match with Shawn Michaels. Undertaker resisted fighting his brother for a long time, but following more and more stories about the death of his family and his possible guilt, as well as continuing assaults by Kane, they fought at Wrestlemania. It was a brutal match, with Undertaker eventually delivering a third Tombstone Piledriver to secure the win.

Undertaker vs Triple H, Wrestlemania 17 (9-0)

The first of Triple H’s trilogy against the Dead Man, but it came a long time before the other two. Triple H had claimed to have beaten all he needed to beat in the company, before Undertaker showed up to put his name forward. They had an epic tussle, taking the fight up through the crowd after the referee had been knocked out. The Dead Man dominated his opponent as they fought all the way up to the scaffolding, which ‘Taker chokeslammed him off. They made their way back to the ring and traded finishers and, despite being struck with a sledgehammer, Undertaker emerged victorious, and people began acknowledging the streak.

Undertaker vs Edge, Wrestlemania 24 (16-0)

Not all of the Dead Man’s matches at Wrestlemania have been classics, but his title match against Edge sure was. The Undertaker worked Edge over pretty well early, before the ultimate opportunist began landing a series of counters, scoring several near falls. Despite taking advantage of an unconscious referee by landing a low blow and striking him with a camera, the Undertaker wouldn’t stay down. Undertaker was speared several times, the final one being off the back of an attempted interference by Edge’s understudies, La Familia. However, he was able to lock Edge into the Hell’s Gate submission, and Edge tapped out, making Undertaker the Heavyweight Champion yet again. This match is also notable for a very dramatic sprint to the ring by the substitute referee.

Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels, Wrestlemania 25 (17-0)

Widely regarded as the best match over the course of the streak, and possibly the best match in Wrestlemania history, Michaels and the Undertaker’s first bout was an instant classic. This fight was set up as the light versus the dark, with Michaels claiming his light would always outshine the Undertaker’s darkness. The back and forth action of this match was very impressive, and it took civilian casualties in the referee and a cameraman following a ‘Taker dive over the top rope that missed Michaels. Undertaker just about beat the ten count, getting back to the ring at nine, and the two men exchanged finishers over and over. Michaels later said he “wrestled nearly a perfect match” in this fight, coming close to victory on several occasions. He proved a very real threat to the streak. Yet in the end, he was caught in mid-air from a top rope move, and was tombstoned and defeated.

Can Brock Lesnar beat the streak on April 6? Or will the Undertaker prove once again that he can’t be beaten at Wrestlemania? Better check it out to see, because it’s unlikely the undefeated Undertaker will be coming back for too many more battles on the greatest stage of them all.

Image courtesy of deviantart.com

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