The Camcorder Extreme Sports Has Been Waiting For


The Vivitar DVR785HD-WHT Pro Action Camcorder is the only any extreme sports lover will ever need, offering a truly unique perspective on all things extreme.

The Camcorder is lightweight, portable and boasts a bike and helmet mount, so it’s ideal for recording off road biking, skateboarding and just about any other action sport imaginable.

You can relive your most exciting moments in brilliant quality thanks to the HD resolution and you can capture 5.1 mp stills at any given moment.

The Vivitar DVR 785 also comes with a waterproof case, extending its use to water sports such as kayaking, wind sailing and more.

The Camcorder has been built to capture footage in tough outdoor conditions with its durable casing and CMOS camera sensor. The Camcorder, which is available in four colours ,also features a 4x zoom, lithium ion rechargeable battery and a MicroSD slot for up to 32GB of memory.

The DVR 785 is really easy to use thanks to the 2 inch touch screen, affording you the opportunity to frame a shot or review your footage in the most efficient manner.

Thrillseekers rejoice and capture your daring adventures in HD with the Vivitar DVR785HD-WHT Pro Action Camcorder, your one stop shop for extreme sports photography.

Image courtesy of Vivitar

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    • March 21st, 2014

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