News In Brief: Baby Horan’s A Hit While Gerry Adams Gets Trolled


The Pope is becoming a regular feature in NIB these days, more so than that Bono fella. And this week is no exception you will all be glad to know. In a ceremony to mark the first anniversary of the Pope’s inauguration Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin told the congregation the Pope isn’t popular because of any polished public image, he’s not an attention seeking superstar and he most definitely isn’t interested in ‘Christians with sour faces’ eradicating the majority of the Irish Church. He’s just a bloke! Though with history’s greatest PR man behind him.

NIB thought we were on to a good story when we saw Vladimir had called on Garda Commissioner Callinan to withdraw his ‘disgusting’ remark about police whistle-blowers, until we realised it wasn’t the leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, making the call but our own transport minister Leo Varadkar. Disappointment doesn’t cover it, imagine that, Callinan would have withdrawn his comments, apologised profusely and baked cake for everyone if it had been Putin.

Sweets aren’t just bad for your teeth. A woman is feeling sour after her claim for damages was thrown out after a judge ruled it wasn’t the fault of an Aldi store in Kildare, that she’d slipped over on some sweets. She had failed to mention previously that there was anything on the floor that had caused her to fall, claiming the distress caused by the accident had caused her to forget. However the judge could find no evidence of Aldi being negligent towards her and threw out her claims.

Niall Horan’s nephew has become a Twitter superstar after, well, just being born. Baby Theo has shot to fame with over 70k followers despite only being eight months old and only on Twitter for three days. Which is exactly why the world is in such a mess. NIB is still waiting for our Twitter star to rise, but now we’ve moved to Mullingar, home of the One Direction singer, it’s bound to happen soon. Tomorrow maybe?!

Gerry Adams has also been on Twitter, asking the online world to explain to him what ‘trolling’ meant. NIB won’t bore you by re-writing all his replies here, by all means go and look them up yourself. It’ll make your Friday a little bit more fun!

Image courtesy of Associated Press

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