Franz Ferdinand Throw Down Some Indie Rock At The Olympia


The first time Scot rockers Franz Ferdinand came upon my radar was back at Oxegen in 2004. It was back at a time where dance music took a backseat at festivals and the 4/5 piece rock outfit reigned supreme, with these guys leading the way along with the likes of Razorlight and The Killers. Nowadays, Franz Ferdinand and most others are relegated to playing for dedicated pockets of fans in venues like the Olympia, or unappreciated slots such as Electric Picnic last year, and going on last night’s performance they’re all the better for the former.

Opening a nicely balanced set list with their most recent single “Bullet” before shipping into “The Dark Of The Matinee” , the first thing you can’t help but notice about these guys is how you instantly recognise each song, before you even know which song you’ve recognised. They are masters of the catchy hook, so much so that even if you don’t know a track, you do after mere seconds.

This does however work to their detriment, as until they start to mix up a set with tracks like the more varied “Ulysses” things can get a little bit “samey”. It’s still a good show however, and ten years on from when I first saw then they aren’t lacking any spare or athleticism, Kapranos and McCarthy lording it across the stage with a great spring in their step.

Come the encore it was time for the bouncy and we’ll received “Right Action” followed by the anthemic “This Fire” which just never fails to get you bobbing (as it certainly did for RTE’s Bryan Dobson who was spotted in the crowd giving it absolute socks!). They closed out the proceedings with the lyrically apt (although possibly too downbeat musically) “Goodbye Lovers And Friends” and for half the price of a Garth Brooks ticket it’s safe to say a good night was had by all, as the reputation of the Olympia Theatre continues its legacy.

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