Gastric Band Surgery Taking Off In Ireland


39% of the Irish population are overweight. Between 1990 and 2000 there was a 67% increase in the number of overweight people.

Ten years ago, gastric bands were unheard of in Ireland but now they’re becoming a household name.

The procedure, which was once regarded as a major surgery, is performed through keyhole surgery in under an hour.

The team at Auralia Weight Loss Clinic in Dublin have been carrying out this procedure, and providing patients with full after-care programs, for several years. During this time, they have observed substantial increases in the popularity of the procedure each year, as they continue to produce exceptional results with their patients.

David Keogh BSc., who is the Weight Loss Surgery Coordinator at Auralia Weight Loss Clinic, said “Over the last number of years, our gastric band program has continued to grow substantially. We believe there are a number of factors contributing to this, increasing obesity rates being one of them. However, word of mouth seems to be the most significant factor. Thankfully, we have continued to produce exceptional results from the outset of this program, which obviously plays a role in past patients friends and family coming to us. Many of the patients coming to us have been on waiting lists for Loughlinstown Hospital to have this procedure carried out for a number of years, with no success. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, that waiting list is reported as being up to seven years long for some people. The reality is that some of those patients simply won’t be around by the time their name gets to the top of the list. It makes sense that a lot of them are taking it into their own hands to find other facilities that carry out this procedure in Ireland”.

Auralia Weight Loss Clinic is owned by RAS Medical Ltd, an Irish based company who recently made an offer to acquire another private medical facility in Dublin. RAS Medical has been in business for more than 10 years in Ireland and now has clinics in Dublin, Limerick and Kilkenny. RAS Medical Ltd CEO, Mr. Stephen McWilliams, is pleased with the progress of their gastric band program, and the performance of the company as a whole.

With obesity figures in Ireland on a constant upward spiral, the interest in gastric band surgery will undoubtedly continue to increase. Keogh is confident within their ability to handle this increased demand “We would expect our gastric band program to continue to grow in popularity. Thankfully, we have the facilities and staff available to deal with any increase in demand. In reality, if needs be, in the future, we could clear the seven year HSE waiting list within 18 months”.

For more information on Auralia Weight Loss Clinic, visit their website

Image courtesy of Auralia Weight Loss Clinic



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