Wrestlemania 30 Preview: Yes Movement To Prevail At Last



Wrestlemania 30 takes place this Sunday, April 6. It is the annual showpiece event for the WWE, where a year’s worth of feuding and storylines culminate in a glitzy wrestling extravaganza. This year’s event will feature all of the biggest names in the business, with the likes of the Undertaker, Triple H, Daniel Bryan, Batista and Brock Lesnar all set to take part in matches, while Hulk Hogan is the special guest host. There is also likely to be a number of surprise cameo appearances by old familiar faces. Here, we give an extensive preview of the event:

Daniel Bryan vs Triple H:

Bryan has been pushing for this match for a long time, having seen his championship hopes blocked time and time again by Triple H, in his role as Chief Operating Officer. Daniel Bryan wasn’t even granted a place in the Royal Rumble, his best chance of making the Wrestlemania main event. Bryan has gone after The Game in the build up to the event, filling the ring with followers of his “Yes Movement” on Raw a couple of weeks ago. Triple H responded by beating a handcuffed Daniel Bryan senseless the following week, before getting attacked by Bryan at ringside a week later, while commentating on the match between Batista and Randy Orton. This will likely be an early match on the card, given that the winner earns a place in the main event, the world title triple threat match that also features Batista and Orton.

Verdict: Daniel Bryan

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal:

A few weeks ago, Hulk Hogan announced that Wrestlemania would feature a thirty-man over-the-top-rope battle royal match, in honour of the late Andre the Giant. WWE have been honouring the historic contributions to the long-running event this year, and this serves as a good way to both do that and get a larger number of competitors onto the card. Among the competitors will be Big Show, Dolph Ziggler, Rey Mysterio and Sheamus, while four mystery spots remain unfilled, fuelling rumours of who could be making a cameo appearance in the match. There are fears of how muddled the match will be, as it’s likely all thirty competitors will be in the ring to begin the match, but it would surely be a big achievement in the career of whoever goes on to win the match.

Verdict: Big Show

Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational:

The Divas Championship will be another free-for-all kind of match, with fourteen divas taking part in this one-fall match for the title. AJ Lee is the current champion, but she earned the ire of Smackdown General Manager Vickie Guerrero by making disparaging remarks about her. The two have feuded for a long time, and Guerrero has now gotten her own back, by setting up this match, which is clearly weighted against the defending champion. The first diva to score a pinfall or submission will walk out of Wrestlemania as the Divas Champion.

Verdict: Tamina

The Shield vs Kane and the New Age Outlaws:

Kane has been promoted to the official position of Director Of Operations under Triple H, and he was charged with investigating how Daniel Bryan managed to fill the ring with fans a few weeks ago. Having decided Jerry “the King” Lawler was his guilty accomplice, he tried to set the hounds of justice on him. However, The Shield failed to do his bidding and, along with failing to attack the Big Show on Kane’s behalf, felt disrespected by Corporate Kane. Since then, Kane has aligned himself with a number of tag teams, in particular the returning New Age Outlaws, and has tried to teach the Shield a lesson. The six men will meet on Sunday, and the Shield have vengeance on their minds, following a number of beat-downs Kane has inflicted upon them over recent weeks.

Verdict: The Shield



John Cena vs Bray Wyatt:

John Cena has been targeted by the Wyatt family for months. He was deprived of chances to main event Wrestlemania by them at the Royal Rumble and the Elimination Chamber. Cena demanded a match with Bray Wyatt, and has since been the victim of endless mind games by them. During a couple of recent matches with Luke Harper, Cena has been on the wrong end of physical beatings and, after starting to get on top, the Wyatt’s turned the lights out on Cena, leaving him tied to the ropes with a mask on his face. Bray Wyatt has talked a lot about going after Cena’s legacy, challenging everything he stands for. He has tried to knock down Cena’s standing, but Cena responded by coming out after Bray’s win over R-Truth, disguised in a mask and taking out all three members of the family, who fled. The Wyatt’s have gotten into Cena’s head, and the numbers game will be tough for him to manage at the show of shows.

Verdict: Bray Wyatt 

The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar:

The streak is on the line once more, as Brock Lesnar is on a quest to become the first person to beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. The Dead Man’s streak currently stands at 21-0, a phenomenal record and one that has claimed prestigious victims such as Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Jake The Snake Roberts and Jimmy Snuka. Lesnar himself is a tremendous physical specimen, and he will likely bring a very physical game to the Undertaker. ‘Taker has brought mind games to Lesnar since the match was lined up, initially stabbing him through the hand with the pen used to sign the contract, before emerging from a seemingly empty casket to attack Lesnar once again. Yet, with the aid of manager Paul Heyman, Lesnar was able to get the upper hand on the most recent episode of Raw, delivering an F5 to the Dead Man. Whether it will be enough to end the streak on Sunday remains to be seen.

Verdict: The Undertaker 

Batista vs Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan/Triple H, World Title Match:

This year’s main event will feature Randy Orton, the reigning World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, the returning superstar who won this year’s Royal Rumble, and the winner of the earlier Daniel Bryan vs Triple H match. All four men have come into constant contact with each other in recent weeks, with Triple H goading both Batista and Orton that they had fallen away from their personas of the Animal and the Viper, saying both had gotten soft. This has seen strong responses from both men, and if they bring that intensity to the main event, then we will be in for a hell of a match. Add in the oft-held back Daniel Bryan or the company’s alpha male in Triple H, and the main event should be one that lives up to the high standards that have been set down through the years. Will Daniel Bryan get screwed again? Triple H has long held contempt for the WWE fans, bemoaning the “Yes movement” as another passing fad, so the fans wishes may not come true. Perhaps Batista will climb to the top of the mountain once more, following his time away. The triple threat setting does not favour the champion, but Randy Orton will likely fancy his chances. Or will it be another title reign for the King of Kings? Triple H has been trying to set the standard for all these men lately, and they will have to reach that to prevent the game getting his hands on the gold.

Verdict: Daniel Bryan

*Wrestlemania 30 pre show will feature fatal four way match for the WWE Tag Team Championship as The Uso Brothers put the gold on the line against The Real Americans, RybAxel and Los Matadores.

Verdict: The Uso Brothers 

Hall of Fame inductees:

Jake The Snake Roberts, Razor Ramon, Lita, Carlos Colon, The Ultimate Warrior, Paul Bearer and Mr. T.

Images courtesy of WWE.com

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