Failing Eyesight Helps Irish Woman Spearhead Vintage Fashion Range


When it comes to beautiful clothing, exquisite style and excellent quality are perfect partners.  And the team at vintage-style clothing label – Vinta Definita – have an innate understanding of this. By adding the finishing touches to their very first collection, the Dublin-based brand has designed the perfect antidote to fast fashion. Their gorgeous capsule collection has been created by drawing inspiration from the grace and style of the 1930, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. And each garment has been created – in limited runs and often by hand – using exclusive, high quality fabrics from Italy, France and Spain.  These are luxurious investment pieces that make a strong statement about the women who choose to wear them. “Luxury is a concept with multiple definitions,” says Annushka O’Neill, Creative Director at Vinta Definita. “For us, luxury means beautifully made clothing with an emphasis on exquisite craftsmanship and exclusivity of design. For our customers, luxury is the sense of integrity that comes from sourcing fewer but higher quality garments.” Despite their Irish roots, the fledgling firm has a truly international flavour with their sights firmly set on the stars.  “Our textile designer is English, our pattern maker is Polish, our garments are made in Portugal and the face of our brand – Diana Morozova – is a Russian actress,” says Annushka O’Neill.  And O’Neill commissioned award-winning Russian photographer, Taya Nevskaya, to shoot the brand’s first look book. “Taya’s work has appeared in Cosmopolitan,” says O’Neill, “and that was good enough for us!”.

The creation of Vinta Definita is the fulfilment of a life-long dream for O’Neill and when you consider the challenges that she’s had to overcome, its creation is no mean feat. Diagnosed at birth with a degenerative condition that affects her sight, Annushka has around 25% vision in her left eye and just 1% in her right. She has undergone six operations in an attempt to reverse the effects of the condition. Annushka studied law for several years before becoming a legal executive. But the computer-based work put her eyesight under severe strain. And, by autumn 2011,she had become seriously concerned about the blurring of her vision. “I remember vividly the moment I realised I’d have to give up my legal work,” recalls Annushka. “I was leaving the office, one rainy evening. As I stepped outside, I couldn’t see where the footpath ended and where the road began. I walked onto the road. Another pedestrian had to pull me back onto the footpath. If it hadn’t been for them, I would have been knocked down.” But Annushka hasn’t let her condition hold her back. “I always longed for a career in which I could use my creativity,” says Annushka, “and in a strange sort of way, my failing eyesight has helped me to achieve that dream.”

And if you’re an emerging designer – whether your metier is accessories or textiles – Vinta Definita would love to hear from you. “We are committed to nurturing fresh talent,” says Annushka O’Neill. “And we’re encouraging designers – with concepts that will harmonise with the spirit of our brand – to get in touch. Our ultimate goal is to work with young talent to create exclusive collections of accessories, shoes and textile patterns.”

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Image courtesy of Vinta Definita/Twitter.


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