Sony’s Project Morpheus: Virtual Reality


Next-gen consoles still haven’t arrived as far as many gamers are concerned. There’s been no title, no watershed moment to justify all that excitement, and money, that marked the releases of the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. No doubt that will change quickly with a host of new games marked for this summer but the question still remains; what will make this generation of consoles so much better than their predecessors? Well that might be Virtual Reality.

It has been promised before but judging from reports from this year’s Game Developer Conference it looks like the timing, and the technology, may be right to get Virtual Reality headsets out of development and into peoples homes.

The most promising of these new products is the Sony backed Project Morpheus. It couples existing but reworked Playstation technology like the Move controller with a Daft Punk-esque headset which would be the hub of the VR.

It is early days still but workable demos have been created to show off the fluidity of movement pick up and the headsets capability for immersion. The helmet has been designed to have a three hundred degree soundscape to create realistic environments while the visor will be 3D at all times. As it stands the motion sensing will be limited to the head and which ever hands have controllers. However, it is thought that technology similar to the current Eye, already out for the Playstation 4, would go a long way to offering full body motion sensor and therefore full Virtual Reality immersion.

It seems it is too early for a release date or price on the headsets but Sony’s Anton Mikhailov promises they will be reasonable and are being created to be within budget for the consumer.

Many things may change between now and the first released VR headset, even then there will be tweaks and obstacles to overcome, but it’s clear that we are almost there and no doubt there is a host of game designers and developers itching to get their hands on the new technology.

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