The Amazing Spider-Man 2


There are a few things that I have found people more sensitive about than the things they loved as a child. If you mention it with kindness their faces will light up and if you speak ill towards it they will be hurt in a special way. We all have that one thing from our childhood that we just love. For me it’s Spider-Man. I unabashedly love Spider-Man. However this does not mean I will always love a Spider-Man film. As much as anything done right in these films is pure ecstasy to me however if something is tackled wrong its a kin to spitting in my mouth and slapping me in the face all at once. The Sam Raimi Spider-Man’s were pretty fun but not what a modern representation of what the character and his villains are. The first in Marc Webb’s series was good despite the hurdles it put in its own way with a needless conspiracy sub plot and a lack luster villain in the Lizard. With that all being said I am delighted to report The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is not only the best Spider-Man movie ever. In my humble opinion it is the best super hero film ever and has pipped The Avengers as the best cinema experience I have ever had.

For me this was a near perfect film. Andrew Garfield has taken the roles of both Peter Parker and Spider-Man and gives us everything that I have imagined from the page and in a real world way. His performance in this film is note perfect and now puts him on the Robert Downey JR. (Iron Man) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki of Thor fame) level of owning his character.

His relationship with Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) is charming and playful yet with an obvious and intense love. For me the love interests in the super hero films often fall flat and even take from the film however this relationship elevates everything in the film from the humour to the drama. Marc Webb directed 500 Days Of Summer, one of my all time favorite rom-coms and he once again shows that he’s one of the best directors working today at showcasing young love.

There is no one thing that I can pin point as making the film for me as everything in this film was executed as well as it could have Imagebeen. However I’ll be hard pressed to find a factor in the Film I enjoyed more than the villains. In this film we are presented with three; The Green Goblin (Dane DeHaan), The Rhino (Paul Giamatti) and the main antagonist Electro (Jamie Foxx). Three villains was a red flag for many fans who remember the random pic and mix of villains that Spider-Man 3 was. For me a more worrying sign was how Max Dillon, the man destined to become Electro, seemed to appear in the trailers. He had that classic spidey villain appearance of being a kind hearted scientist who gets in a freak accident resulting in gaining new and dangerous powers which challenge their moral compass. While he does follow some of these troupes he is very much a unique and interesting character. Even before he gains his life changing powers Max is clearly an unusual man and is a villain the likes we have not seen in a Spidey film ever.

My favorite villain, across any genre, is the Green Goblin. Despite his silly name and appearance his is such a deeply layered and well developed character you essentially get Lex Luthor and The Joker in one demonic package. DeHaan gives the character the performance it has long deserved and outperforms Willem Dafoe and James Franco’s takes on the character which is a massive achievement considering the stature of those actors. Although mainly a force from the shadows for most of the film his few highlights are the highlights of the film for me. The Rhino would be far from the multi-dimensional characters the other two rogues are and that’s perfect. Webb has learned an all important lesson that other super hero directors need to learn. Not all villains need to be complex. They don’t all need an origin story even. Give them a clear voice, a clear motivation and make them a threat. Define all three of these and then let them go play.


It will take a few more viewings (at least one in IMAX 3D) before I can cast this film in my all time favorite films list. However I am confident it’s going to be high. In a summer full of super hero films so far we have had two and both have been great. It is going to be very interesting to see if this has just been a brilliant start to a mediocre season or will X-Men: Days Of Future Past and Guardians Of The Galaxy be able to keep this standard up. Judging by their trailers we may be in store for a summer of films like none we have seen before. I could do a six hour podcast covering the reasons I love this film but now its up to yourselves to go see it and see what you think. Are you excited for The Amazing Spider-Man 2? If you have seen it, what are your thoughts? Which super hero flick do you think will rule the summer? Comment below or tweet me directly @spillanejohn and let me know your thoughts true believers!

Film Rating: 5/5

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  1. how dare you put him and joker in the same sentence.Besides that great review..Still in shock.The Dark Knight still takes it for me put this came a lot closer then i thought it would.Its pretty great

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