Freddie White Live At The Mill Theatre


Two gigs in fifteen days, nothing wrong with that at all. As may have become obvious from the last review and anyone who has read my blog, I’m a Freddie White fan. But with gigs like Saturday’s in the The Mill Theatre, why wouldn’t I be, going above and beyond the Riverbank again to sit as one of 2014’s musical highlights thus far.

Apart from new material, the best variety for those like me who attend multiple gigs from the same artists comes from the crowd. Whereas the Riverbank gig previously had a more laid back group, happy to sit back and listen politely, The Mill had a much more “It’s Saturday, let’s have some craic” type of crowd, including one bunch of women across from me who I nearly thought at one point were going to mob the stage such was the level of their banter.

It was great to see as I have to say, as great as the gig itself was, the lack of enthusiasm (and indeed in some way lack of a crowd) at the previous gig was disheartening. Sign of the times and all that. No such fear of that in Dundrum. As with Newbridge, and I would assume this entire tour, we were treated to the bulk of Freddie’s new album Better Days for the first half of the show. I said it then and I’ll say it again, there’s no better way to introduce new material to a crowd than to dedicate it’s own specific slot to it in the gig, everyone knows that the golden oldies are coming layer in the show and thankfully as a result no cries for “Martha” are heard for the first half of the night.

On the new album I must say now, having heard the bulk of it live twice and listened to it in full between the two, it’s great to have Freddie writing. Over the years some of his own compositions have been album favourites of mine, “Life After Love” from Four Days In May a particular stand out, and there are plenty to rival it on Better Days. “Drug Called You ” is a particular stand out whilst” Global Housewarming Party” channels every inch of Randy Newman for a great bit of ironic observation.

In both halves of the show Freddie was joined on stage by his equally talented wife Trish, whose voice compliments his own fantastically (as can be heard on their 2012 album Here With You) and on tracks like Janis Ian’s “Memphis” both soar independent of one another for a haunting performance. Trish is a welcome addition to the set and long may the partnership continue, musically and of course beyond! In the final run of the gig came some of the old standards, “Martha”, “Marie” and “Down To Zero” and “Dry Land” serving as two big highlights, amongst the two encores! I myself had gone shouting for Billy Joel’s “Goodnight Saigon” but it was probably a bit sneaky to look for out of nowhere, maybe next time!

Being based in Australia these days, the chances to see Freddie White live have diminished slightly, but thankfully he has some dates left on this current tour and I implore you to get along to one, it won’t break the bank and you certainly won’t regret it. The remaining dates can be found on encompassing Youghal, Clonmel, Ballina and Limerick. Until next time Freddie, g’day and thanks for the gigs.

Stay tuned to over the coming weeks as we will have an interview with Freddie White published very soon where he talks music, Ireland and more.

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