Teen Expelled For Possessing Array Of Weapons


Your correspondent has found himself in some ropey situations in his time. For example, he has been asked to teach to some remarkably badly behaved pupils and also has had to play football with one or two team-mates who consistently react in an egregious fashion to incidences that haven’t gone their way on the field of play.

This correspondent has found from experience that one’s actions can influence the degree of ropiness (either making it more or less ropey).

Your correspondent will always plump for an action that will reduce ropiness (has a dislike for non-staged drama, disruption to teaching in the classroom and mass brawls on football fields).

Your Correspondent recently heard of another who shares a similar view. This kindred spirit is an eighteen-year-old student from the town of Jefferson near Cleveland, Ohio by the name of Jordan Wiser.

The ropey situation Jordan found himself in dates back to 12th December last, when he was called to the principal’s office on suspicion of having weapons in his vehicle parked in the school grounds (suspicion arose from Youtube clips Jordan had up-loaded, on home defence tactics, reviews of video games and an interview with a local police officer).

What displays Jordan as a ropey-reducer was his response to requests by the Principal and Vice-Principal. When the Principal asked Jordan to empty out his pockets, he did it; when the Vice-Principal asked him to spread his arms and legs for a patting down, he duly obliged. When the Principal took Jordan’s car keys to search his vehicle, he explained to the Principal and Vice Principal what they would find and why they were there- namely a stun gun locked in the glove compartment (for self defence purposes), two Airsoft guns (Airsoft is a game like paintball- Jordan planned to play a game after school) and a pocket-knife in his EMT (Emergence Medical Technician) medical vest (bought at K-mart as part of a first responder kit for cutting seat-belts- Jordan wishes to either join the police force or fire-fighters as a future career).

The outcome of Jordan’s actions were; the Principal rang the police to come and arrest Jordan; he had the charge of conveying an illegal weapon (the pocket-knife) on school grounds pressed against him (was jailed for thirteen days after his arrest- psychologically evaluated in this time, to see if he was a threat to himself or others- he passed the assessments); was expelled from his school.

As bad as that conclusion may sound, this correspondent believes it could have been worse for Jordan had he been a ropiness-raiser.

If Jordan had responded by refusing the management’s requests to empty his pockets and spread his arms and legs out, he may have found he’d have had some future stitching to attend to.

Also if Jordan had not explained to his school managers what they would find in his car and why they were there (after management obtained his car keys), he may have found out what it would be like to be on the receiving end of some of his own equipment.

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