Irish Emigrant Dies Following Melbourne Court Case


A 29 year old Irish man has been found dead just days after a court case in Melbourne, which he said had ruined his life.

Padraig Gaffney from Lanesborough, Co Longford, had pleaded guilty to criminal damage and was handed a $10,000 fine on Tuesday for setting off a fire hydrant in The Fraser Place Hotel in April 2013.

The actions of the construction worker caused the hotel to become flooded and it was later evacuated, with the total cost of the damage amounting to $500,000.

Gaffney, the youngest of six children died yesterday, a day after his court appearance in Melbourne.

No circumstances about his death have been revealed. Consular assistance is being provided to his family.

The judge in his case, Chief Judge Michael Rozenes said Gaffney was heavily intoxicated, but there was no malicious intent to damage the hotel, and it was just a stupid act that he would never have contemplated sober.

Gaffney had said: “This entire thing has ruined my life completely. I’ve spent 10 years in Australia trying to better myself and in the space of one night everything can be taken away from you.

“People who go out for the night and drink too much can ruin themselves completely.”

Image courtesy of The Irish Echo

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