Out In The Cold


Last week was a tough week for this correspondent, with his favourite child-hood football team Brazil who used to (play like light colliding on crystal) sparkle, being played off the park at the World Cup.

Also your correspondence’s submissions for work (sent the previous week) to various publishers were met with unrequited responses (evidence being an empty post box and in-box).

This gloom was punctuated though towards the end of the week by a kind letter from the editor of a national newspaper.

The letter (a response to some articles your correspondent had sent to him looking for commissioned work) was considerate, thoughtful and very generous in regards to complimenting this correspondent’s work; being sorry for not being able to commission this correspondent; and encouraging your correspondent to continue with his efforts.

Speaking of consideracy your correspondent recently read a story of a wife being stabbed in the back by her husband over hogging the bed-sheets.

Mr Derek Miller, a seventy-six year old retired engineer from Portsmouth was charged with the allegations of using a 10-inch kitchen knife to wound with intent and to attempt to murder, his Russian-born fifty-seven year old wife Galina.

A jury at Portsmouth Crown Court convicted Derek of the charge of wounding with intent, but acquitted him of attempting to murder his missus.

The reason the jury cleared Derek of the charge of attempting to murder the missus was, they believed his evidence that her actions (leading up to the incident) had got under his skin and led him to use the kitchen knife to get under hers.

He’d told the court the couple (married for previous eleven-years) had recently been having relationship problems. He had stated that they had tried to resolve the problems the night before the attack, with him buying her flowers and chocolates. We are not told how these gifts were received by his missus, but we do know what she gave him the following night i.e. cold feet: Derek woke up to find his feet uncovered; and the Cold shoulder: Derek subsequently woke her up to display his annoyance at her hogging the bed-sheets. They argued and the dispute continued to the kitchen where Derek brought up the possibility of a divorce with his wife; her response was to turn her back and empty the bins. The combination of his cold feet and her cold shoulder was what got Derek’s back up and led to him putting the kitchen knife into her.

What this correspondent can take from the above tale and hope for in-times-ahead is that the future Mrs C will have warm feet and sympathetic shoulders.

What your correspondent learnt from last week’s tough exploits and prays for in the future are, for Neymar not to get injured in the next World Cup (and for Brazil to produce one or two more like him by then); and to be commissioned by an editor like the one who sent the letter or failing that be commissioned by any editor.

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