The Nutrition Corner


The Nutrition Corner is a weekly grab of news and informed opinions on the latest developments in nutrition and health by a qualified nutritionist (both degree and PhD). 

Decoding the headlines

We all see or hear about the food and health headlines everyday in the newspapers, TV, internet blogs, the guy down the gym, the old woman down the street…One day you could be reading your morning coffee is the next best thing and the next day its going to kill you!! Most media outlets just single out one eye catching phrase or sentence from new research without going in-depth and try to explain what it means. This is why we are met with such conflicting  advice everyday that confuses everyone and undermines the important messages that we need to take in.

However, here at the Nutrition Corner, we think there is a different way. Each week we will bring you the latest news and research. We will go beyond the eye grabbing headlines and examine what it all really means in easy to understand language. Even better, each week we will go through the different research language and explain what it means. We will also provide links to the original sources and enable you to be able to make up your own mind to make informed choices about your health and nutrition.

Upcoming feature:

The Paleo Diet: Super diet or risky fad?

Upcoming news:

Is artichoke water the new coconut water?

The health gadget corner

The health gadget corner is an offshoot from the nutrition corner.

This is an exciting time for  health and nutrition gadgets which are set to change our lives! Although we haven’t quite reached the breakthroughs such as the med-pods as seen in the films ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Elysium’ there is a foray of gadgets to be released in the coming months which may truly change how we perceive our own health. Here at the health gadget corner every week we will explain the potential pros and cons of each gadget– what it is, what it does, how much is it, where to get it and importantly, do you really need it and what it may do for you! So watch this space as we review devices such as ‘Cue’ -your own personnel blood laboratory for your smart-phone; ‘SITU’ -a smart food nutrition scale to track all your nutrients; ‘Lumafit’ – a interactive heart age tracking device; ‘Scanadu’ -a Star Trek like health tricorder! and much more….

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