How To Be Miss Photo Perfectionist


Summer is in full-flight mode . Sun, Sea and Sand but don’t forget the ever so important camera.

A picture paints a thousand words . With my tips, you will no longer be camera-shy. Looking your best in front of the camera will be so simple.

Tip 1  Practice, practice, practice.  Get a friend or family member to take photos of you. Learn to relax in front of the camera. The best photos are often the one’s where you forget the camera is even focused on you.

Tip 2  Prepare well for your photos. Look after your skin by drinking lots of water and getting plenty of sleep. cleanse , tone and moisturise.

Tip 3 Visit your dentist. For that sizzling, irresistible smile, get your teeth whitened professionally. It can make a huge difference to your photos. You will be thanking me, when compliments come your way. Pick up most magazines, and you will spot the top celebrities with snow-white teeth.

Tip 4 Make sure your hair-colour is shiny and glossy.  There is nothing worse than dreaded faded roots and split-ends.

Get hair coloured a month prior to your special occassion. This will give your hair -change time to settle.

Tip 5  Be well-groomed. Eyebrows frame the face so make sure they are nicely shaped.

Tip 6  Decide your outfit. Wear something fitted that will highlight your best assets. Avoid wearing too much pattern , as it can distract attention from your face. Avoid horizontal lines as it can make you look bigger. Do the sit- down test. If there are bulges showing in your outfit or you feel uncomfortable, don’t purchase.

Tip 7  Accessorize carefully. It DOES matter if the bag or sandals don’t match. It is worth investing in a pair of glamorous sandals.

Tip 8. It is vital that your nails are filed and polished. It is all in the detail and unsightly nails are a BIG no-no.

Tip 9. Make-up for the event is all in the application. Spend extra time applying make up. Keep focus on your eyes or lips. Never dramatize lips and eyes together. The clever use of contouring the face with bronzer, will ensure your face appears a lot slimmer.

Tip 10 Make sure tan is on properly and evenly spread, if you are going for the made-up look. Exfoliate prior to tanning for smooth application. I would recommend Cocoa Brown tan.

Tip 11 Watch your posture on the big occasion. Never slouch. Keep shoulders upright and firm.

Tip 12 Steal the red carpet look by putting one leg in front of the other when posing. This will make your legs look longer and slimmer.

Tip 13. Never look directly at the camera. You will look slimmer and your features will be highlighted more, by tilting your body away from camera.

Camera, lights , action , Miss Photogenic is ready for some show-stopping stuff.

By Edel Flynn

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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