News In Brief: Point Renamed Again As Crow Reigns Terror On Louth

Caw Caw! (image:

Caw Caw! (image:

Another week, another cacophony of news -“Caw-caw” being the operative sound. Remember those sinister seagulls a few weeks ago? Ruining the height of summer with their antisocial behaviour? It’s not over yet, the birds are back.

There’s a crazy crow on the loose in Louth. Apparently, unlike the gulls this crow is a lone operator picking on dogs and the vulnerable as well as annoying everyone by pecking at kitchen windows. Perhaps we should give the fowl a minute, he might be trying to tell us something!

Like the new name for The Point/O2/place. Not that he’d need to knock through any windows, it’s not exactly the story of the year. Yes, The Point/o2/place is no more, since being bought over by mobile giants 3 it has been renamed and it seems the country was agog as to what its new title would be (not NIB can we be clear to point out!). Are you ready? The ‘3Arena’. Stand down the celebratory bunting, the fireworks and the bottle of bubbly.

At least we will have something new (or marketable as, like a new American President’s historic Irish ancestor) to lure the yanks and the rest of the Guinness seeking tourists over when it comes to the next Gathering. That’s right. You read it, another gathering. NIB has had our own fair share of “gatherings” and believe me without vodka jelly they don’t really count but apparently Tourism Ireland, who  are hoping to up-sell the anniversary of the Easter Rising don’t think alcoholic desserts are that important.  Failte Ireland have pitched in though, for some reason they don’t think a relatively small (in the context of the World, you understand) event will really bring in any much needed money. Whatever Failte, stop raining on potentially, another parade!

In news of other national events to get excited about (WHOO!) there’s a whisper on the grapevine we might be in line for another national holiday! Failte Ireland won’t like it coz it’s for the centenary of the Easter Rising but NIB definitely will! Apparently a consultation group planning the occasions events has said the idea is worthy of “serious consideration” so it’s basically a done deal! To Arthur! Or Heather Humphreys the minister in charge!

We might need a day off with the news the Government might have to fork out a few million to replace one of their special jets for zooming off to Cannes for the weekend and, obviously, important meetings. How sad for them to have to fly coach with the plebs, the recession sure has been hard. NIB is sure Michael O’Leary could do them a frequent flyer deal.

And finally the pitch invader from last week’s GAA game between Kerry and Mayo has told the papers “he just wanted to know what the referee was at”. After running onto the pitch, despite his daughter trying to stop him, the Mayo man tried to confront the ref over some of the frees he’d awarded to Kerry. Mick Barrett, the pitch invader, is still bewildered by the referee’s decisions saying “All that was wrong with me was the referee … I just can’t understand it.” His daughter has now disowned him.

And that’s your lot, NIB’s off out.

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