FIFA 15: Attack Is The Best Form Of Defence


Football’s most authentic video game experience is back and better than before as EA Sports have revamped the gameplay of FIFA 15.
EA’s annual title boasts numerous new additions than those enjoyed by its successor but fans will have to look into the smaller details to see how exactly things have improved.

FIFA 15 is the most realistic football game ever made. Players now have more than 600 emotions, losing the rigidness of yesteryear and now realistically interacting with teammates. Even audiences will be more realistic with new cheers based on live match atmosphere captured during the past season.

This title is the first of the franchise where EA have got to grips with the PS4 and Xbox One, resulting in a mass of changes to the graphics and animation engines, which are also reflected in the older consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360. Some are merely cosmetic and some almost unnoticeable, but many impact upon the gameplay.

FIFA appears to have shifted its focus from ball control and the defensive co-ordination towards a more dynamic and exciting style of play.
This new focus enables more fluid gameplay. Attackers get more chances and defending is more difficult, so there’s more end-to-end activity than you might have seen in previous titles and the slow paced midfield build up has thankfully been replaced. Players turn and react faster without losing the ball, and it’s easier than ever to get through to the box without relying on special tricks, though this remains a game that favours fast, accurate passing over Cristiano Ronaldo like solo runs.


When your strikers get near the box, their biggest obstacle facing them will be the revamped goalkeepers. Most of the time they’re fast and hard to beat, charging out to grab the ball when necessary, while not abandoning the goal when not. They can be beaten, but they put up a lot more resistance than in previous titles and are more capable at defending than the backline in front of them. So whether you have German World Cup winning goalkeeper Manuel Neuer or reigning League Of Ireland champions St Patrick’s Athletic’s Brendan Clarke between the sticks the outcome will be more favourable than in recent years.

The single-player campaign is again focused around Career mode, where you can take either a player or a manager through several seasons, hoping to take your team to league and tournament success, or build a solid national and international career. Career mode in FIFA 15 is better than ever thanks to an improved transfer market and team management system. You’ll be able to save time and jump into the action more quickly. Player growth and scouts have seen some improvements also, making it easier for you to recruit the best new players available, although if playing as Man United the budget isn’t as realistic as this summer’s spending would have you believe it is.

Online, there’s very little difference between FIFA 15 and FIFA 14. You can play competitively or cooperatively in seasons, join Ultimate Team tournaments or join a club and meet up for 11 vs 11 events.

FIFA 15 pushes the Sky Sports-inspired look and feel about as far as it can go, with superb cutaways and replays, titles, close-ups and the rest that leave it closely resembling real TV coverage. The game has now fully authenticated the Premier League experience as every stadium from England’s top flight is now in the game. Two hundred new Premier League 3D head scans have also made the player models immediately recognizable. Oh and did we mention goal line technology is also included to add that extra real effect.

FIFA 15 is bound to be a continued success. A few minor tweaks have taken it a little closer to complete perfection in terms of a simulation game. They’ve also taken a risk with the switch in defending, but it’s one that looks set to work out for the better.

Need more reasons to buy FIFA 15? Check out EA Sports’15 reasons to pick up FIFA 15.

*FIFA 15 available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Also out on Xbox 360, PS3 and other platforms. Please note that not all features are available on all platforms.

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