Simple Fixes From EA Boost Sims 4 Experience


The Sims 4 is the latest instalment to the much loved virtual family experience, a unique set of games that arrive feature-light before being bumped up with downloadable content which normally comes at a charge but some mixed feedback from gamers has shifted the paradigm slightly.

Evidently some content remains missing but will follow very soon, with pets, furniture and better clothing options all set to become available in the near future. There are only eight career choices though they allow you to specialise in one of two ways once you achieve a certain rank in your chosen profession.

Onto the changes in the series. Create-a-Style, which felt like the correct way to approach interior design in The Sims, is gone. The lack of swimming pools is evidently noticeable although plans are afoot to change that while newborns go from toddler to adolescent in next to no time, feels like a sign of the times. 

The flow of the game has certainly evolved, with everything running more smoothly than before. Sims have gone back to teleporting between the places they need to be instead of driving in their cars, which thankfully saves time. Sims also get out of bed without complaining for half an hour, their morning routines are easier to manage and their needs are generally more forgiving.

Neighbourhoods have enjoyed a renovation. Now there are two worlds, one a greeny suburban haven, the other a desert outback.

The game focuses on basic simulation which allows you control the entire day of your sim, from breakfast through dinner to sleep. This is still an incredibly detailed and entertaining life simulation. Household chores need fulfilling as an unhappy house leads to an unhappy Sim. Speaking of moods the biggest change to arrive with Sims 4 is the new moods spectrum that is now engrained within each Sim. By default a Sim will feel fine, though any number of things can trigger a new mood to take over. Fulfilling desires related to these moods will earn you aspiration points which can then be spent on rewards.

Moods enhance the game by bringing about a new range of interactions, which affect job performance. Your job will assign you two or three objectives to meet before its possible to receive a promotion. Going to work in a certain mood, not the everyday 9-5 mood we know, will increase your chances of rising through the ranks.

Multi-tasking makes getting things done even easier. Sims can now carry out a number of actions at once: eating cereal while watching television and having a conversation. Such a tiny change revolutionises the entire atmosphere of the game, especially at parties or in public lots, with Sims now able to socialise properly in proper group conversations.Skills can be improved upon with practice, green progress bars appearing above Sims’ heads to show just how good they are at their chosen task to show you exactly how far off that promotion may be.

The days of interrupting one activity to bring about another are gone as everything now flows smoothly, a seemless transition that was long overdue.

The build mode now allows you to drop entire rooms into a lot before dragging their walls around to reshape them. You can adjust foundations to raise and lower your floors. Objects can be positioned with a little more precision than usual, especially objects placed on the tops of tables and other surfaces. Sim creation tools are also more powerful than before.

Some good news for gamers is that EA have added more content to the game due to the lukewarm reaction the game received and what’s more the content is free. These monthly updates seem to have been engineered to address the most common complaints from users, primarily major features from previous games that were omitted from this version. The first patch, released last week, restored ghosts to the Sims universe while future patches will include swimming pools and some Star Wars themed costumes. Plans are also afoot to develop careers further while more downloadable content, which unfortunately won’t be free should also be arriving soon.

The Sims 4 has enjoyed some fine tweaking, it will be aided by the additional content and is a good fit to a much loved series. Hours of interaction and creating havoc as close to realism as possible lie ahead.

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