Hot Trends: Winter Womenswear 2014


Winter weather calls for a re-evaluation of our casual wardrobe.  We may need fun clothes to lighten our mood, while keeping us comfy and warm.

Seasonal trends answers modern women’s quest for looking attractive, stylish and super- chic. Winter inspirational fashion welcomes the revival of the 1950’s style trend. Retro, versatile, fun, edgy looks are making a huge come back this winter.

So what are the must- have wardrobe items?  Read on to find out my top 4 favourites……

  1. Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are huge business this winter. Leather is funky, edgy and sophisticated.  They are the top investment of the season. I absolutely love leather jackets.  A leather jacket is extremely versatile and can take you from day to night.  For a casual rock- chic look, you can theme your jacket with a top and skinny jeans.  If you opt for the party look,

It can be matched with a dress or mini skirt and top. Christmas season is upon us, so your funky jacket maybe a life-saver for socialising.  A working girl could combine her leather jacket with a full length skirt/ jeans.

2 .     The coat a la fur.

I don’t think I could imagine winter without a coat.  Coats this season range from duo-coloured styles to geometric patterned looks. The cut of the coats are edgy, elegant and captivating. One of the most interesting additions to Fall 2014 winter coats are the fur capes. Fur is trending big time this season.  From fur hoods to fur scarves and collars, it adds to the finishing touches of the coat winter 2014 look.

  1. Knitwear

Knitted jumpers are a key fashion staple this season.  There are an array of knitwear styles in stores nationwide, to suit everyone’s taste and budget. Long knitted cardigans will keep you wrapped up in fashion for day/ evening wear.

Colours to watch out for are light pink, burgundy red and chocolate brown.

Don’t forget to purchase knitted hats and scarves which can transform any look to a glamorous and unique level.

  1. Knee-high boots

Knee- high boots are a vital footwear purchase for this winter.

They are warm, affordable and bang on trend.  If you have narrow feet and legs like me, you should look out for narrow styled flattering boots. In contrast, wide legged girls are best suited to wide styled boots.

Black knee-high boots will complement most coloured garments in your wardrobe. They can be themed with skinny jeans, dresses and skirts for a funky, edgy and fun appeal.  I guarantee that partying in boots is a lot more comfy than in open- toed high sandals.

Mission accomplished!!! You are now ready to rock winter 2014 looks.

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