The Goggle Box – Saul Slows Down As The Walking Dead Goes Gruesome


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Full spoilers below for Better Call Saul and The Walking Dead

Better Call Saul S01E07 – “Bingo”

It can’t be said that BCS has stuttered with this week’s seventh episode but it is more than accurate to say that this was the quiet beginnings of the path to Saul. Jimmy was so close, ready to move out of the salon and into a swanky office of his own, which he was hoping wouldn’t hurt his chances with Kim too of course. This is likely the last time we will see Jimmy get this close to real, legit success and it was handled in a surprisingly tragic manner. With Jimmy’s quiet moment in the final scene of the episode we saw a similar “lowest ebb” from him as we did from Mike last week. With both characters reaching their lowest, may we get nothing but climbs from now on? Climbs that find them both settle comfortably in the middle tier of course.

Speaking of Mike, how cool was it to see Mike the snoop come to life this week? Damn, he prowls well. The Kettlemans provided some good quirky entertainment too with us finally getting a definitive confirmation that it is indeed Mrs Kettleman that is the string puller and her head to head with Jimmy was worth the admission alone. What I have to commend this show with above all else is that at no point have I found anything to be illogical or unbelievable. Sure, some of the Slippin’ Jimmy routines are a little far fetched but at no point to date have I found myself thinking “c’mon, as if” etc etc. Granted, not a whole lot is happening in the show but that’s really the point. Breaking Bad was a character study with a plot and BCS is the same, the journey being the most crucial aspect of this series given that it is a precursor to what we all know and have seen already.

It might be of slight concern that there are only three episodes left in the season and there doesn’t seem to be any finale being led to so to speak, but then it is a trait of Gilligan and co. that maybe finales don’t always get a few episode ramp up and therefore increases the impact for viewers. BCS seems to be going that way given that this week put an end to quite a lot of what the last six or so episodes have been building up to. Methinks Jimmy is going to look an awful lot more like Saul in two weeks time.

Better Call Saul is available Tuesdays at 7am on Netflix


The Walking Dead S05E14 – “Spend”

Was that really necessary? I mean, I didn’t even like Noah all that much, particularly due to his involvement indirectly in Beth’s death. But damn, I wouldn’t even like to see The Governer or the Terminites go out like that. Yes TWD has dispatched yet another character from the group into the great beyond and the tin foil hat brigade are out in force (seemingly every time TWD has two male black characters, one must be dispatched ASAP, c’mon guys seriously?). Scott Gimple said ahead of Season 4 that the crew have a Season 4 – 6 arc plan and week on week we can see how that is the case.

Season 4b got a little slack for its pacing when we essentially got an episode dedicated to groups of two or three characters but come Season 5 it is paying off handsomely – Beth’s death was doubly effective, Rick’s evolution into a Shane type character is entirely justified and Carol, well lets just say cookies have become significantly harder to look at these days let alone flowers. I can’t stop myself from once again praising Melissa McBride on her stellar work this week as she is tasked with conveying a threat to Sam that is tangible but at the same time she had to flip around by the end of the episode when she spoke to Rick, letting herself get a tad vulnerable again as she recalled her abuse at the hands of Ed but at the same time assured Rick that there is only one solution for Pete. When the group first hit Alexandria there was a risk that the show could become a zombie soap opera, and it has, but not in the way you would expect.

Two episodes to go and at the pace things are going there is likely to be a more explosive finale than ever before and trust me, the cliffhanger will kill you. One final shout out on this week, Greg Nicotero had fun for sure. Both Aidan and Noah’s deaths were straight out of the Romero movies, Aidan in particular bearing more than a passing resemblance to Captain Rhodes in Day Of The Dead. Nice.

The Walking Dead airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX

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