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Club Poison, A New Era Dawns on Dublin’s Tired Rock Scene

Thursday, not quite the weekend, not quite mid week. A bit of a non-entity of a day. Not anymore my friends. Enter Poison rock and metal club. Located in 21’s night club on D’olier Street, it brings you everything needed for some pre weekend madness.

I know as a frequenter of Dublin’s rock bars these past 12 years, I was getting pretty tired of the same old thing being fed to us over and over again. But this place is really rocking. I had gotten so used to the dingy holes that usually play host to metal nights, I had almost forgotten what it felt like to sit in a comfortable seat!

Poison is brought to us by SEG Entertainment, the crew that bring Club Hell, in O’Reilly’s bar Tara Street, to our door every Saturday. That knowledge alone should have been the first indication that it was bound to be a great night.

Two different DJ’s throughout the night, both as equipped and well versed in all things rock as each other. Their music choices across the evening were second to none, and I have to say, squealed with delight when I asked for the Misfits, Green Hell to be played…and they played it…that never happens!

So we are in comfortable surroundings, we are hearing all kinds of classic rock tunes, what more could you want? I’ll tell you.

The best drinks promotions this side of the hemisphere, a dedicated Buckfast bar, weird and wacky activities such as Sumo suits and beer pong, pretty girls on roller-skates handing out shots for €1, friendly bar staff, and a cover charge that would make you blush at one €5!

All drinks are €2.99 with other specials at €1.99. The staff are really supper friendly. Bottles of Buckfast are going for a tenner a pop and the atmosphere in the place is nothing short of electric.

It just seems to have brought all the weird and wonderful people of Dublin out of the wood work.

It’s an all round winner in my book. Thursdays are definitely the new Fridays with this Doozy of a night. Expect to see this aging rocker propping up the bar on a regular basis.

My advice…young or old…go get yourself poisoned!