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Too Old for Surrogacy?


Surrogacy is a great alternative for couples who cannot have children of their own. Surrogacy is a first-class option for gay or lesbian couples who would like to be parents. But should surrogacy be available to all?

In a similar way to adoption, should there come a point when people are told ‘You are too old to be new parents?’

Surrogacy has long been a topic bubbling under the surface of Irish society, but last week’s RTÉ documentary Her Body, Our Babies really put the spotlight on a practice about which not a lot is generally known. This programme raised a myriad of questions about commercial surrogacy, abortion, the total lack of a legal framework in Ireland, one partner being the biological parent and the other having no genetic connection to the child. And this couple in particular, Sean and Fiona, raised the important question of whether a time should come when the door is firmly closed on parenthood. Continue reading

Violent Start To 2014 As Seven Murdered So Far


Over the past few days we have been discovering the gruesome details of the murder of Thomas O’Gorman. The 39 year old researcher was killed after an argument involving a game of chess. According to reports one of his lungs was removed and has not been located. Saverio Bellante, the man charged with Mr O’Gorman’s murder, told Gardai at the scene that he had eaten the victim’s heart but it seems likely now that Bellante actually consumed the man’s lung.

This grotesque incident has been heralded as the worst witnessed by Gardaí and crime scene investigators in some time. While this case is particularly shocking and unveils the frightening extremes of suffering one person can inflict on another, it is actually just one of seven violent deaths that have taken place in Ireland since the New Year. Continue reading