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Top 10: Movie Psychopaths

Off the heels of my review of Psycho  where I went in depth about my love of movie psychopaths I thought it could be interesting to do my top 10 movie psychopaths list. The criteria are they have to have appeared in a movie but can have appeared in other media and must conform to this definition of a psychopath “a person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behaviour without empathy or remorse”. With all those formalities out of the way lats kick it off! (Warning spoilers) Continue reading


Late To The Party: Psycho (1960)


This is my second late to the party review, a column where I will take classic, cult and all round respected films I just haven’t seen yet and cross them off my bucket list whilst giving them my honest thoughts, be they disappointment or remarkable. Now all film is subjective so please leave a comment with your opinion, slander my blasphemy or even suggest my next review. In today’s edition I’m going to be reviewing the prototype for every slasher film from Halloween to Scream 4, Alfred Hitchcock’s career gambling and ultimately career defining Psycho (1960).

Firstly let me begin this by saying there is nothing I like more than a great movie psycho. I’m not referring to Freddy, Jason or any of those ridiculous imposters. It’s the likes of John Doe, Patrick Bateman and Hannibal Lecter which have played a huge part in me becoming so passionate about films. Which is why it was unusual that at age 21, I had not seen Psycho. I had a few chances but I procrastinated for years for several reasons. Well I finally watched it. I was hopeful but also skeptical that it either wouldn’t hold up to the grit of modern psycho stories or my knowledge of the ending would take the intrigue out of it. After having watched it I can honestly say its easily one of the best films I have ever seen.

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Late To The Party: Mean Streets


First off, some clarity for those confused by the title. Even though I am a huge film fan there are many great, iconic and cult films I just have not gotten around to seeing. So I thought it would be interesting to start reviewing them as I tick them off my bucket list. These are all going to be movies I have just seen but would not be considered recent movies and I feel the added factor of the movie’s reputation affecting my expectations should make for some interesting results. The first film I’m reviewing is Mean Streets (1973) which is a Martin Scorsese crime drama and his first foray into the subject matter he would soon be the king of. It also stars two Hollywood legends in Robert De Niro and Harvey Keitel during the very early stages of their careers. Continue reading

Five Things Sheamus Could Do When He Returns To WWE


For those of you who are unaware Ireland’s premier wrestling export former WWE champion Sheamus has been out of action nearly 3 months with a torn labrum in his left shoulder. I honestly have hardly noticed his hiatus as it seamlessly coincided with the return of Rob Van Dam who has asserted himself in the spot once held by Sheamus. This actually leaves WWE with a lot of freedom when re-introducing Sheamus into WWE TV in a few months time as he can be slotted in where ever they want him. With that in mind here are five spots Sheamus could occupy when he returns. Continue reading

Filth Delivers On Title Promise


Having seen its trailer and read a synopsis of the book I had an idea what to expect heading into Filth, however I can only compare it to ordering vinegar with my chips and them instead being covered in gasoline and I mean that in the best way possible. Filth takes us into the drug, alcohol and sex filled world of corrupt cop Bruce Robertson played by the talented Mr James McAvoy.

For years I have said two things about McAvoy: (1) Hes an actor who gives great and grounded performances. (2) In all his interviews he is distinctly more charismatic, engaging and an all round show man than he appears on film. Since making these two observations I have patiently waited for McAvoy to land a role that would allow him to shift from the subtle acting he does so well and take on a much louder and dynamic character. In Bruce Robertson we get this character and McAvoy delivers all I wanted and more. McAvoy completely transforms into a messiah for degenerates while fluctuating between prismatic and pitiful throughout the 97 minutes. The success of this film was always going to hinge on his portrayal of Robertson and McAvoy succeeded in making Filth one of the most unique experiences I have had at the cinema. Continue reading

Ben Affleck To Star In Next Bat Flick

batmanThe question that has been repeated almost to an extent of nausea ever since Comic-Con this year has finally been answered with the revelation that Ben Affleck is to be the new Batman. Many people have been left flabbergasted at the choice with stars such as Armie Hammer, Jon Hamm and even for a time Orlando Bloom rumored to take up the cape and cowl. Alot of criticism has been poured out over the internet by fan boys incensed Warner Brothers and Zack Snyder could come to such a decision. With the negatives of this decision plastered all over social media let me present you with some positives before the four horsemen of the apocalypse are sighted filling over Warner brothers. Continue reading

The Shield Takes Over Extreme Rules


One of the most anticipated and intriguing events on the WWE calendar has been Extreme Rules ever since its introduction to WWE over five years ago. Originally a homage to the original ECW’s “One Night Stand” this year’s instalment was another firm example that extreme wrestling has no place in today’s WWE. The first two matches on the card were legit wrestling matches with absolutely no gimmicks attached and the Tornado rules attached to the WWE Tag Team Title match were hardly what you could call extreme. However I found the pay-per-view very enjoyable, full of interesting matches and feuds I wanted to see resolved. My only objection is don’t label something extreme when what you want to offer a is rough at best. What was on the menu was jalapenos and I was served bacon and cabbage. Continue reading