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Dublin Tourism Boosted With New Sightseeing Service

Photo:Michael Donnelly.

Transport guru John ‘O Sullivan has launched his latest venture,an exciting Cityscape Sightseeing Tour, which will compliment his regular Dublin coach service.

The four million invested Cityscape initiative is welcomed as a boost to the tourism and employment industry. It has provided 40 new jobs to the capital. The Cityscape experience offers a must-have trip to all the top attractions of the city. In operation since September 23rd , Cityscape makes 28 stops across the city, including Dublin Castle, Kilmainham Gaol and more. It runs very efficiently seven days a week, 364 days of the year at fifteen minute intervals. Continue reading

Blame Laying- David Drumm And The Spanish Siesta


Reading the other day of how an Irish Times article caught David Drumm, (ex-chief executive of Anglo Irish Bank) on the hop in the summer of 2008, this correspondent was reminded of a holiday to the Basque city of San Sebastian some years back, where he too was also caught unaware- by the commercial culture of siesta-time.

Early on, on the holiday, your correspondent was shocked to discover that all shops hung a sign inside their doors in the afternoon reading- ‘Cerrado por 13h-16h meaning ‘Closed from 1pm-4pm’. Continue reading

Avoriaz – Skiing With A Difference


For a family ski holiday with a difference, consider Avoriaz in the Northern French Alps.

Parents with young children may have reservations about going on a skiing holiday. However, Avoriaz aims to take away all the stress by providing a unique, family-friendly experience.

Avoriaz is at the highest point in Portes du Soleil, one of the largest skiing areas in the world. Guaranteed snow from December to April, the resort boasts 130 kilometres of slopes ranging from the beginner green slopes to the expert level black slopes. Continue reading

The Great Book Mound Of China

wallThey say you can see the Great Wall of China from the moon, it’s one of those myths that is continually perpetuated and which overshadows an actual fact-you can see all the travel books and articles detailing China from the moon! Seriously if ever there was an oversaturated market in need of de-cluttering then this is it. This, however, is not an article preening with historical goodies or political commentary and it is certainly not intended to add to the already stupendous pile of encyclopaedia like travel guides on China. Rather this is a short list of unusual, everyday things that you can expect to find when you visit China and yet somehow, regardless of the volume of guide books that you consume, they are things which you are never really told to expect! They are extraordinarily varied and not altogether pleasant but at least you will have more of an idea of what to expect, saving you valuable time which you would otherwise have spent picking your jaw off the pavement. Continue reading

Longing For A Return To Liverpool

Liverpool, home of The Beatles, Cilla Black and Craig Charles (aka Dave Lister from Red Dwarf or Lloyd in Coronation Street) is renowned in Ireland as the place for shopping, a forty minute flight to the vibrant and lively city with great nightlife, lovely accent and, most importantly, wallet friendly.

Liverpool was our last get together, our last girlie holiday (for a while at least) before one of the girls jetted off to her new life in Canada. It will always hold fond memories in that respect but don’t be fooled, Liverpool has more to offer than sentimental value. A few of the girls had been to Liverpool before but this was my first time and definitely not my last. Continue reading

Irish In Exile #10 : Sandra Mayors

Sandra for articleIt might be difficult for younger people to imagine, but the current recession is by no means the first to hit Ireland.

Ballyfermot’s Sandra Mayors left for Canada as a 20-year-old in 1986 because while she was fortunate enough to have a job during a similarly challenging time, she was hoping for a better life abroad.

“I left for a couple of reasons,” she recalls, “I had a job, but the unemployment in Ireland was very high and it didn’t look like it was going to be improving for work.

“I had holidayed in Canada in 1984 for six weeks and loved it, so I applied to the Canadian Embassy for a one-year work visa and got it.”

She adds: “I didn’t feel forced to leave but thought – I didn’t know for sure – that life in another country might be better at that time than I was experiencing in Ireland.” Continue reading

Irish In Exile #9 : Jenny Fay

Jen and ArneJenny Fay seems to have tried her hand at almost everything in her 35 short years, but it was a three-year stay in Australia and New Zealand that provided her with a sense of direction for the first time.

“We were always busy,” she says of her time growing up in Crumlin, although that sounds like an understatement when she recalls gymnastics, ballroom dancing, running, life guarding, Aikido and performing as part of a local variety group as just some of the activities she was involved in.

Above all, dancing was always her main hobby.  “I’ve been dancing since I was three and I first stepped on stage when I was three.  Even when I wasn’t in formal dance classes I would have been part of Girls’ Brigade which you danced in.”  Continue reading

Irish In Exile #8 : Owen Ralph

owenAt a time when many people are forced to leave Ireland, Owen Ralph is one of the lucky ones whose time away is part of an educational and cultural investment in his future.

As part of his studies at UCD, the 20-year-old from Dublin is in the midst of a one-year ERASMUS internship in Germany, and Irish News Review decided to speak to Owen to discover what inspired him to pursue the path he’s on.

“I always have ideas in my head or written down for businesses that one day I’ll set up or help another business with,” he explains, “so Commerce International in UCD was an obvious choice because I also liked German at the time thanks to some great teachers at Lucan Community College.  Continue reading

Galway With A Difference

Connemara Language and Cultural Centre (CLCC) is a newly formed educational, tourism destination located in Clifden, County Galway. Clifden is the capital town of the geographical region of Connemara, world renowned for its rugged and unspoilt beauty.

CLCC is a unique venue combining an existing holiday village, Clifden Glen, located within a safe and fully self-contained 80 hectare site 1.5 km from Clifden town with an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) school catering for families, groups and individual students. The site contains a licensed clubhouse, restaurant, laundry, 85 detached 3-bedroom lodges, children’s playground, 3 tennis courts, mini-golf course and nature walks, all bounded by the Owenglin, a prolific wild Atlantic salmon spate river. The site is set off the main road with no through traffic and is a haven of tranquility and safety adjacent to Connemara National Park with the magnificent backdrop of the Twelve Bens Mountain range.  Continue reading

Irish In Exile #7 : Wesley Redmond

While many people travel the world to satisfy their sense of adventure, the stark reality is that many young Irish are leaving in search of employment – or at the very least for a fair day’s pay in return for an honest day’s work.

This is essentially the situation Wesley Redmond found himself in last year, and which prompted his decision to spend a year Australia.

After having his weekly hours at Champion Sports cut from 40 to 20 – and even with taking on a second job that left him working a 55-hour week – the 23-year-old from Lucan was left with nowhere near enough income to pay the bills, and began looking for alternatives.  Continue reading