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News in Brief – Shatter Resigns As Kenny Morphs Into Putin


Before we kick off can you all take a minute to imagine the theme to The Apprentice . . . got it? OK now we can start.

Alan Shatter has left the building. While the Indo asked ‘who trapped the rat in Leinster House?’ The answer became obvious, it was Enda and he was clutching him by his whiskery tail.

So Shatter has resigned and the future of the justice system is restored, well not exactly, but it’s bound to be a bit better right? RIGHT?! Former social worker Frances Fitzgerald has stepped up to the plate so hopefully she has a better idea of right and wrong. That’s beside the point though what NIB would like to draw everyone’s attention to is that Kenny has taken over Defence. Put a crown on him and call him Putin. Surely putting our dear leader in charge of the country’s defence policy is like appointing him leader of all things. Maybe NIB is exaggerating but you just wait, when the words ‘5-year-plans’ slip out you’ll know we warned you! Continue reading

Cardinal Who Denied Homosexual Allegations Admits They Are True

Cardinal Keith O'BrienLast week Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland and Britain’s most senior Catholic cleric, resigned from his post, amid rumours that he had engaged in homosexual activity with other priests in the 1980’s. He denied these allegations as he stepped down, but has now admitted that his “sexual conduct has fallen below the standards expected of me”. Continue reading

Report Says State Was Involved In Magdalene Laundries

MLAfter an 18 month investigation, and a few lengthy delays, a report into the Magdalene Asylums of Ireland has finally been released, and it concluded what most of those involved in the advocacy group ‘Justice For Magdalenes’ already suspected – the State was indeed involved in these industries. It had long been claiming that these were private industries, run by the Church and the Church alone – but the fact of reality is that the Catholic Church essentially was the State. Continue reading

Abuse,torture and neglect

Amnesty International Ireland commissioned a report into the abuse of children in this State, in light of revelations from the Murphy and Cloyne reports. The amnesty report attempted to explore why these abuses occurred and what can be done to ensure they never happen again.

Colm O’Gorman, executive director of Amnesty International Ireland, said that children in this country had been “brutalised, beaten, starved and abused” and that “much of the abuse described in the Ryan Report meets the legal definition of torture under international human rights law”.

The Ferns, Ryan, Murphy and Cloyne reports have brought to the public domain details of the levels of abuse, torture and neglect that occurred in many religious run institutions aswell as the extent to which some went to cover up these abuse claims. Public anger has been further heightened by what many see as a refusal by the catholic church to acknowledge the extent of the abuse and cover ups that had occurred. Statements by clergy such as Fr. Paddy Banville of New Ross have done little to aid the Church’s cause. Banville had stated recently in an article for the newspaper The Irish Catholic that “wives and mothers” had “failed miserably to deal with the abuse of their children”.

However, Mr. O’Gorman also believes that blame cannot be placed solely at the feet of the clergy and thata “the institutionalised lack of accountability in the Irish State” should not be overlooked either, he said:

“This abuse happened, not because we didn’t know about it, but because many people across society turned a blind eye to it.”

This is a search for accountability for what O’Gorman describes as “ perhaps the greatest human rights failure in the history of the State”.