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Halycon – Ellie Goulding Album Review

egEllie Goulding’s much anticipated second studio album has taken almost two years to be released to her eager fanbase, (myself included!) in both Europe and, quite admirably, the States. Her first single ‘Lights’ introduced her first album, by the same name. The single took off in America as well. Her songs then became subject to several dubstep remixes and later, garnered interest with the dubstep king, Skrillex, who has brought us the infamous ‘Bangarang’ and ‘Summit’ featuring Ellie herself. Finally releasing her second album with ‘Anything Could happen’ following with the powerful ‘Figure 8’ and ‘Hanging on’ which emulate her cool yet powerful vibe. ‘Halycon’ is described by Goulding as a breakup album. However she avoids any of the name dropping, we’re looking at you Taylor Swift. ‘Only you’ and ‘My Blood’ experiment with a touch of fellow songstress Adele’s heart-stopping presence. Throughout the album Ellie continues to hypnotise with her ghostly warbling, hauntingly so in ‘Don’t say a word’ and ‘Dead in the Water’. She’s amazing. Nuff said. And if that hasn’t immediately convinced you, this might; Calvin Harris makes an appearance too..


Bond, James Bond  (Daniel Craig as 007)Bond is back, and this time instead of battling a suave international ring of villains he is up against a much more personal advisory.

The opening sequence of Skyfall is a fantastic chase over the roofs of Istanbul, with 007 (Daniel Craig) in heavy pursuit of an unknown vital source of information.  Bond’s glamorous and sassy colleague Eve (Naomie Harris) tries to keep up and finally has to make a difficult decision when M (Judi Dench) gives the green light.

But after the turbulent start of the film the plot becomes more personal. We are given insight in to Bond’s psyche, his relationship with M and his origins. However the main storyline circles around M, the original Bond Girl, who not only treats her 00-boys mean but keeps them keen too, ensuring fierce loyalty but triggering underlying resentment as a result of it. And when it suits her needs she disposes her boys with little concern of their health or safety.

A creation of M’s behaviour is the chilling villain Silva (Javier Bardem), an ex-agent whose feelings towards M are a delicate balance of lust, hate, love, envy and revenge. And because the only thing standing between him and M is Bond, Silva begins the hunt on 007, who is older, more ragged and not in best form.

Skyfall is not only beautifully shot by director Sam Mendes, but he also manages to give Bond a modern twist for his 50th anniversary. Ben Whishaw as Q represents the age of the geek, and as M explains to her critics the enemy is no longer a country but invisible, hidden in the shadows.

And never before has 007 been so relatable nor has the script ever been so funny, filled with sarcastically dry one-lines and dripping with British black humour. Mendes has given the oldest film franchise on the planet a facelift, and from the opening chase in Istanbul until the final shootout in the Scottish Highlands there isn’t a dull moment. Skyfall is a thoroughly enjoyable movie and Craig’s best Bond film by far, possibly the best Bond film there is.

Young, Talented and Loaded

The Sunday Times Rich List released this week gave us every reason to be envious, as young talented actors and musicians are reeling in the big bucks!

Not solely the lead role in the Harry Potter films, but Danielle Radcliffe also took the lead role in the Young Rich List of millions with earnings totalling £54m. Who would have thought that a glasses wearing wizard boy had the potential to command such high earnings?! The earnings amassed by the Radcliffe last year were resultant of his lead role in the final instalment of Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, and the success of his most recent film, The Woman In Black also contributed to topping up his earnings by £6m this year.

It was however ‘Someone Like You’ singing sensation, Adele, who topped the young musicians poll. Her album entitled ‘21’ sold 10 million copies last year, and also trebled her wealth in the meantime soaring from earnings of £6m to £20m in a mere year. Not a bad year, eh?!

Acting remains the means by which one can amass significant earnings. This is evidenced by Robert Pattinson’s pay packet for his contributions to the Twlight Saga, which this year added a supplementary £8m to his wealth. The Twlight Star is now worth approximately £40m. Kiera Knightley features as the third highest paid actress with earnings of £30m. This starlet registered no increase to her wealth last year…. my heart bleeds for you Kiera, given the fact the rest of us were stripped of bonuses and salary increments to basic salaries, you can hardly complain!!

In 2010 Jessie J didn’t even feature in the Young Music Millionaires Top 20, but in 2011 her ‘Price tag’  (see what I did there?!) was an estimated £5m. The meteoric rise to fame of Rosie Huntington-Whitely secured the Victoria’s Secret lingerie model and now actress secured her earnings of £5m also. So it appears that it is possible to be plucked from obscurity one year, and included in the top young earners list the next, not a bad year’s work at all work for either starlet!!

It is also worth pointing out that on further inspection of the rich list, it appears that Mr Nasty himself, Simon Cowell, is behind many of youngsters listed this year. Juxtaposing his creation of several reality talent shows, and his influence in the music industry, X Factor sensations, JLS and Leona Lewis, and former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole also make the cut with earnings of £12m, £5m (per member) and £12m respectively. So whilst many will slate BGT, X Factor and the likes, there appears to be a hefty reward for those who go the distance once the talent shows come to a close. No doubt, the members of One Direction will be joining this rich list next year given the current success they are experiencing on an international scale.

So it seems the talented youth of today are earning mega bucks, I, like many others, am extremely envious, and wish there was some way I could feature on next year’s list!!  

Now to find myself a vocal coach that can cure my tone deaf singing habits and ensure I sail through an X Factor audition…. or a drama teacher who can land me a coveted walk on role in Fair City….