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Heineken Cup – Big Business Ahead For Leinster And Connacht


So here it is, months of permutations, battles over the future of this wonderful competition and injuries and upsets to boot. It all comes down to the next two weeks. The 13/14 Heineken Cup has seen somewhat of a return to form for Leinster and Ulster, though Edinburgh and Northampton Mk2 would best be forgotten, whilst Ulster and Connacht have continued their relative progression towards being true contenders on their respective levels. In all, from an Irish perspective at the very least, it’s been a glowing highlight of exactly why the Heineken Cup needs to stay alive.
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Europe Comes To Dublin (Don’t Worry, It Isn’t Angela) – Heineken/Amlin Finals Preview


©darkmavis. The Aviva plays host to Toulon and Clermont this Saturday

This is my third time attempting to get this piece published. The reason for this series of delays? Well quite simply it’s been a bloody busy week for Irish rugby! From the retirement of Doug Howlett, the tragic passing of Donal Walsh, the contract renewal of a certain Brian O’Driscoll and of course the arrival of the Amlin and Heineken Cup finals to Dublin this weekend. We will address all of the former in a minute but first let’s have a look at how these two games are shaping up.

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Munster Bow Out Of The Heineken Cup As Schmidt Appointed New Ireland Coach


©M+MD. Munster faithful to the end

So near yet so far. And on the other side total annihilation. It shouldn’t be seen as a reflection on the quality of the competitions that the Amlin and Heineken produced such polar opposite games this weekend, more so it’s just one of those things. The weekend’s rugby was the prime example of how one day can very much be a team’s day, when for another side it can be the nearly hour, when they know what to do, have the ability to do so, but just can’t put it all together. For Leinster, a Biarritz team that did a pretty appalling job of playing rugby coupled with their natural ability to slice these sort of teams apart led to one hell of a rout in the RDS. For Munster it was all there for the taking but Clermont showed exactly why this is now their cup to take this season. Oh and there is of course the issue of a new Irish coach amidst all of this excitement, more on that below. Continue reading

Leinster Bow Out At The Hands Of Electric Munster

Heinekin-CupSlim but doable, points and tries left behind, what could have been. All of these thoughts now race through the minds of Leinster fans, but were it not for a fantastic display from Munster how things could have been the opposite way around. All in all it’s done now, Leinster have slipped into the Amlin Challenge Cup where they are sure to cause havoc and Munster have progressed as second runners up. It was a thrilling weekend of rugby and there’s a lot to discuss! Continue reading