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Blame Laying- David Drumm And The Spanish Siesta


Reading the other day of how an Irish Times article caught David Drumm, (ex-chief executive of Anglo Irish Bank) on the hop in the summer of 2008, this correspondent was reminded of a holiday to the Basque city of San Sebastian some years back, where he too was also caught unaware- by the commercial culture of siesta-time.

Early on, on the holiday, your correspondent was shocked to discover that all shops hung a sign inside their doors in the afternoon reading- ‘Cerrado por 13h-16h meaning ‘Closed from 1pm-4pm’. Continue reading

A Year in Brief: Part Two


Part two of NIB’s yearly round-up because 2013 was just too good! (Read part one here).

Dublin’s new bridge, crossing the Liffey at Marlborough Street and connecting Luas lines on each side of the river, was on the lookout for a name. A list of 85 possibilities was suggested by the public which was then shortlisted by Dublin City Council to 17. Some suggestions in a comments thread on The Times website included: Bosco Bridge; Daniel Day Luas Bridge (nice); Da Plain People O’Ireland Bridge; Jedward Bridge; and NIB favourite, the Feckin’ Bridge. Continue reading

News In Brief – Geldof Space Bound As World’s Ugliest Animal Revealed


Another week, another wasted opportunity to write seriously about current affairs in this country. Oh well, here’s the news in brief.

A drugs gang have been busted for failing to grow any actually drugs. 150 marijuana plants were found by Gardai in rural Donegal before they discovered the plants were all male, meaning they don’t contain the ’high’ chemical. They’re effectively spinach. Gardai have been forced to downgrade the find from €120,000 worth of drugs to €0 of nothing. The potential weed farmers are likely to be spared jail for doing little more than arable farming. Continue reading

News in Brief-Irish Vegan Joins Elite As Ryanair Draw Ire Of McFadden

The proposed headquarters for Anglo Irish Bank, sold to the Central Bank in 2012, standing in Dublin’s North Quay has been vandalised. Despite having CCTV and security arrangements in place the shell of a building was daubed with anti-semitic slurs. The aptly named, At Risk Security monitor the land directly behind the site. There now considering a name change to We’ve Got a Great Big Dog So Feck Off Security.

Leinster House have been learning the rules of soccer after a visit from Irish team manager Giovanni Trapattoni to the Oireachtas Republic of Ireland Supporters’ Club. The newly formed club currently boasts 63 TD’s and senators who were all keen to learn from the Italian manager. Club secretary Senator John Gilroy said: “We had a chat about where the game is,” – usually on a pitch – “and what we can do as Oireachtas members to encourage the game.” Over-priced kits and generic memorabilia are traditional. Ah no, good luck to the lads in ROISC sure what else have they got to do? Continue reading

Disgraced Anglo Chief To Face Trial

Sean Fitzpatrick former CEO of Anglo Irish BankFormer Anglo Irish Bank chief Seán FitzPatrick is to face trial on 12 charges in connection with alleged financial irregularities at the toxic bank.

The disgraced 64 year old banker is accused of making false, misleading or deceptive statements in relation to at least €139 million worth of loans to the company’s auditors, Ernst and Young, over a six-year period.

Fitzpatrick stepped down in December 2008 as Anglo was subsequently nationalised and re-branded the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (IBRC) . The collapse of the once prominent bank hit Irish taxpayers hard in the pocket, with €30 billion required to bailout the bank.

Greystones native FitzPatrick was remanded on continuing bail to appear before Dublin Circuit Criminal Court in three weeks time.

It is alleged that bankrupt businessman FitzPatrick did not inform the auditors about loans to himself and others that he had authorised, or about an arrangement between Anglo and Irish Nationwide Building Society whereby the latter loaned him money.Detective Inspector Ray Kavanagh of the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation served one of the 12 volumes of the book of evidence on Mr FitzPatrick this morning.

The remaining 11 volumes are to be handed to FitzPatrick’s solicitor.


News in Brief-De Burgh Funds Anglo Musical But What About Cowen?

Twelve Anglo men. We found out at the start of that week that the Irish Lothario with an eye for the ladies in red Chris de Burgh, is in fact one of a dozen wealthy individuals that helped bankroll Anglo: The Musical. Un-burgh-lievable, who knew he had it in him?
Producers have refused to name who else might have chipped in to stage the satirical puppet show based on Ireland’s economic crash however Marian Keyes and Sharon Corr are believed to have had some involvement. News in Brief is going to start a book on the other 11, 14-1 Brian Cowen paid for his own puppet.

It looks like It could go all quiet on the Dublin front. An initiative proposed by the city council want’s to see a delegated area become “quiet zones” as part of a European directive. These areas can be parks or gardens with a day time decibel level of no more than 55 and the dominant sounds those of birds calling or water splashing. All well and good you may say but how will this silence be enforced? If you take a fit of the sneezes down at Dollymount Strand can you expect to be carted off? Or wrestled (silently) to the ground before having gaffe tape plastered across your face? It all sounds a bit Orwellian, not too far from the thought police.

F*** your Honda Civic and your horse I’ve got an ambulance outside. Whilst paramedics attended a house in Blanchardstown, west Dublin this week, the crew were amazed to discover when they came back outside their fire brigade vehicle had been nicked. Presumably not by the tax paying cream of Irish society. A second emergency vehicle then had to be called to pick up the crew of the first. The first ambulance was later found crashed at Corduff Park. Great craic lads.

Apparently austerity is undermining our human rights, and there’s News in Brief thinking it was all a big laugh! Honestly cutting off electricity and gas supplies is just makes dodging the dog a fun after dinner game and eating a cardboard cereal box is even quicker than the Special K challenge.
No, we don’t need Amnesty International Ireland to tell us life isn’t all beer and skittles and the next budget is effectively going to pour salt into our open wounds but sure isn’t it great to have a fully funded conference.

And finally News in Brief was astonished to hear of the passenger that had to step in to help land a diverted Lufthansa flight from Newark to Frankfurt at Dublin airport this week. As I’m sure was Michael O’Leary . . .

Editorial: Decision To Jail Quinn Welcomed

Seàn Quinn Junior has this morning visited Mountjoy Prison in Dublin to see his father who began his nine-week sentence for contempt of court yesterday.

Quinn Jnr, who was recently released from Mountjoy after serving three months on the same charge, entered the prison along with his wife Karen through the Training Unit entrance and delivered a bag.

Fallen billionaire Quinn Snr is due to remain in Mountjoy until January 4th after being sentenced in Dublin’s High Court yesterday. Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne said she could not ignore the extent and degree of contempt by Quinn when passing sentence.

Quinn was last night visited by his local parish priest who proclaimed that the business mogul was “tired, emotional and angry” after he was jailed.

The Quinn family maintains that they are being used as scapegoats by the former Anglo Irish Bank in its bid to recoup money it lent to Seán Quinn during the boom years.

The family still boasts strong support in the Cavan and Fermanagh region, having brought many jobs and much needed finance to the area during the good times.


Irish News Review welcomes yesterday decision to jail Sean Quinn senior. It is a welcome indication by the Irish judicial system that they are willing to punish those who effectively ruined the country. However the sentence imposed upon Quinn is ridiculously lenient, bordering on laughable. The dethroned businessman is no doubt suffering as he is holed up in his prison cell but with such a short sentence will any justice be served?

Yes Quinn has only been charged with contempt of court but in reality he should be tried for a hell of a lot more. If there is any justice in the world then Quinn will be left to rot behind bars for the rest of his days.

I applaud the decision to jail Quinn yet the state authorities must go that bit further and ensure messers Fitzpatrick and Fingleton become familiar with the interior of a prison cell. But of course a lengthy prison term is due as nine weeks defeats the purpose.

The continued support of the Quinn family in the Cavan and Fermanagh region shouldn’t come as a surprise, this is Ireland after all. There is said to be widespread disbelief at the decision to jail Quinn in that region, one which he brought many jobs and much needed finance to during the boom years. But the people of Cavan and Fermanagh must awake and stop looking to the past, for there will never be a second coming of the “heroic” Quinn clan. They must unite with the rest of Ireland in the condemnation of Quinn, a man who played a key role in destroying Ireland or else risk cutting themselves off from reality. Not one individual who played a part in our demise should receive any support, for they are all traitors to the Irish cause, traitors who only cared about lining their own pockets.

Photo: Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland