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Captain America: The Winter Soldier


The summer super-hero season seems to be starting earlier and earlier each year and this trend continued today as Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens in Irish cinemas. This marks the third of the five films from Marvel’s phase 2 of their cinematic universe and was always going to be a pivotal film for my feelings of phase two in general after a mediocre Thor 2 and a incredibly disappointing Iron Man 3. I am very happy to report that Captain America 2 is a return to the quality of film making that has made me so passionate about this studios films.

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Pain & Gain


With big franchises like Bad Boys and Transformers to his name Michael Bay seems to be an odd choice for such a wacky story like Pain & Gain.  After all this ‘it-is so-strange-it-has to-be-true’ tale is nothing like the blockbusters he is use to.

Based on a true story of three body-builders gone wrong , Pain & Gain has everything that made the 90s great, or bad depending on which way you look at it: strippers, sports cars, drugs, bright colours and lots, and lots of money. Continue reading