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Irish Film Patrick’s Day Tackles Mental Health Intimacy Rights


As World Mental Health Day approaches there have been increased discussions in the media on the issues that those who are suffering from mental health illnesses face on a regular basis. The stigma that has in the past prevented people talking about their issues has finally begun to fade in modern day Ireland, however there is one remaining taboo, the issue of mental health and the right to intimacy.

The idea that a person suffering from mental health issues deserves the same rights to intimacy as everyone else is examined in Terry McMahon’s multi-award winning film Patrick’s Day. This film is the powerful tale of a young man with mental health issues who falls for a suicidal flight attendant only for his overprotective mother to enlist the help of a dysfunctional cop to separate them. Continue reading

Webber Eyes Podium Finish In Penultimate Race


Australian Red Bull driver Mark Webber says a mixture of the Texan countryside, hard training and the hospitality of old Texan friends from his time spent there during his amateur cycling days has inspired positivity for his penultimate race at the US Grand Prix.

Writing in his exclusive blog on the sport social network,, keen amateur cyclist Webber, who used to visit Austin and cycle with former friend – disgraced cyclist, Lance Armstrong – says meeting old friends and training in the Texan countryside has helped preparations. Continue reading