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News In Brief – Reilly Plans Free GP Care As Hotel Cancels Beauty Pageant


Remember last week when Bob Geldof was off to space? If only every week was like that the world would be a happier place*. Instead we’ve got protestors and pageants.

What’s the difference between a blobfish (last week’s winner of World’s Ugliest Animal) and the Minister for Health? One understands the intricacies of government spending and the healthcare needs of the country, the other doesn’t. NIB will let you come to your own conclusion which is which . . . James Reilly meanwhile has told Sean O’Rourke on RTE how he plans to bring in free GP care for all Irish citizens and more freebies for kids! Hurrah! But how Mr Reilly? We haven’t got any cash. Ah. Well, it might be slightly ’ambitious’ he told Sean, but sure feck it anyway, it’ll be a bit of craic. Continue reading

The Curious Case of Man Flu

As he shuffled towards me, puffy eyed, blanket draped over his shoulders, a box of tissues in his hands I shuddered. Was it that time of year again already? The time of year that every woman dreads, when life as we know it must grind to a halt; when every member of the family is put on edge. The dreaded MANFLU had returned to wreck it’s carnage on the household yet again.

Manflu is an ugly illness, it affects not just the infected but all those within a 10 foot radius of said infected and has been known to drive normally rational, articulate women into spirals of severe under breath muttered expletives to full blown fits of rage. Women by nature are caregivers and it is within our remit that we must look after all those in our charge but when one of your charges is a six foot, hairy, whinging mess it can be a trying business. What causes usually strapping ‘I don’t need a doctor, tis but a flesh wound’ (this when they have accidently sliced through one of their hands with a Stanley knife while doing some DIY) guys to suddenly regress to whiny, helpless babies?

Manflu is not a myth or a made up illness it is in fact a real illness although when women get it it’s just usually referred to as a run of the mill albeit annoying cold! According to Wikipedia the ‘ condition can only truly be called “man” flu when the sufferer in question has a partner from whom they hope to solicit extra attention to care for their supposedly grievous symptoms. When the sufferer is alone then the condition can only be the common cold or flu’.

After countless tea making trips up and down the stairs, newspaper and chemist runs not to mention used tissue disposal, I leave you this Manflu season urging you next winter to drag him (kicking and screaming probably) to the doctor and get the flu jab, then he ‘ll have no excuse to lie in bed all day guzzling soft drinks and eating sweets!