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The Hall of Mirrors goes to Limerick City

FARMLEIGH GALLERY PRESENTED HALL OF MIRRORS until LAST month. The amazing optical illusion exhibition was an eye opener and shatteringly entertaining.

Strangely enough there was hardly any noise made around the exhibition.  Even though the exhibition attracted a nice 15,000 turnout, their facebook page only got 23 likes.

Knowing the exhibition started on the 16th of March and just finished on the 22th of July, that’s an average of 5 likes a month. Hard to understand what happened.

For my part, I only heard about it through a friend. Although skeptical and unsure about the content of the exhibition, I walked in the Farmleigh gallery and was immediately won over by the visual experience.

In Collaboration with CLARITY: Centre for Sensor Web Technologies  and Laboratoire Psychologie de la Perception, Université Paris Descartes & CNRS, Paris-based Irish artists and architecture graduates, Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly,  worked very hard at this exhibition project.

The exhibition strived to awaken the public to the complex and beautiful processes of visual perceptions. In other words, it explained how it tricked the viewer’s eye in the most amazing ways.

For over two years, Cleary and Connolly worked with an international team on the Hall of Mirrors project and I must say the result was a success.

The exhibition offered a deeply engaging, enjoyable, educational, exploratory, aesthetic experience to art lovers, science lovers, families, schools, and everybody else. Who everybody else is and why was it not better promoted, god only knows!

But luckily for everybody else, there’s a second chance to enjoy the experience. The project will be soon touring around Ireland from August 2012 to January 2013.

In fact their tour starts tomorrow, Thursday the 23rd of August in Limerick City.

The three venues and dates are:

Limerick City – Gallery of Art, August 23rd – October 9th
Navan – Solstice Arts Centre- October 18th – November 22nd
Ballina – Ballina Arts Centre, December 4th – January 15th

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Picture by L.A Speedwing