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The Great Gatsby

The-Great-GatsbyIt’s something we’ve all been through – you finish reading The Great Gatsby and think to yourself, yeah not bad, but it would be much better caked in CGI and set to a Jay-Z soundtrack.

Hunger no more. Baz Luhrmann has been handed the keys to Fitzgerald’s melancholy masterpiece and has gleefully smashed it straight into a wall. He was the obvious choice – after all, The Great Gatsby has big parties in it, right? No brainer: bring on the master of the cinematic blowout – the thrower of all-singing, all-prancing zoomfests; the man who can make vomit come out of your eyes; the man who can take his high-pressure stylistic hose and blast away all the annoying subtlety of the book. Bring on the Bazza. Continue reading