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The Ballance Sheet #2 : The Match Of The Five Finishes

RanaHey, folks. I’m Gary Ballance, and this is my guide to the often weird, occasionally wonderful world of independent wrestling.

The Botchamania phenomenon has been incredibly popular for many years, poking some light-hearted fun at mistakes and botches in matches or promos. In that same vein, I wanna look at the setup of shows, and highlight some of the ways a show can be botched or go wrong; either just slightly, or completely.

Breaking it down to its simplest form, you need the following to put on a show: a venue; a ring; wrestlers; staff; and a crowd. Over the next couple of articles, I’m gonna (hopefully) provide a little insight into the effects each can have on a successful show, either hypothetically, or through actual examples I’ve experienced over the years. Continue reading


The Ballance Sheet #1 : The Truth About Wrestling

CC2012 04Hi, folks, and welcome to the first edition of “The Ballance Sheet” in this format- my guide to the often weird, occasionally wonderful world of independent wrestling.

By way of introduction, I’m Gary Ballance, and I’ve been involved in the independent wrestling scene since 2005, and been a fan of wrestling for twenty of my twenty eight years. I go by the name “Bingo Ballance” during my forays into the squared circle. Why, you may ask? Continue reading

Morrissey Opens Up Unique Photography Collection

John Morrissey is a student of Creative Multimedia at Dundalk Institute of Technology and a photographer of the future. Photography has been a passion of John’s for many years and he feels fortunate to be able to put his passion to good use. Continue reading