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Phoenix Park Revellers Can Learn Much From Hot Rod

rod-stewartPeople my age scoffed. “Why are you going to see Rod Stewart?” they asked me, their faces and squeaky inflection reflecting sheer confusion and genuine bewilderment. With Justin Timberlake having played here recently and The Killers and Mumford and Sons descending on the Phoenix Park this week many people my age seemed unable to comprehend why anyone would opt to go see an ageing performer when they could simply wait and bask in the festival atmosphere that is sure to descend upon the Phoenix Park this weekend. Why, they persisted, did I choose to see a man facing the onset of his seventies over artists whose songs were all released while I was actually a living breathing occupant of the world? Continue reading

News in Brief-Eight Thousand Sign Up For Movember While Bon Jovi Gets Set To Rock Slane

Great craic in Cork over the Bank Holiday weekend. Superintendent Barry McPolin, in charge of policing the city centre, drew attention to the above par number of minor crimes on Saturday night. Jazz fans, he said were well-behaved, which is good to know. He blamed the furore on other revellers. The senior Garda also stated twelve claims of alcohol-fuelled assault were being investigated but was positive about the lack of stabbings or serious assaults.
If you weren’t having the craic in Cork over the weekend perhaps you were in Kilkenny. 30% of all visitors to the south-east head to the city apparently, which is getting a new, €5.5 million “Medieval Mile”. The initiative, which will feature a museum at St Mary’s Church, a ‘Great Garden’ along the River Nore and an “upgrade” to the visitor experience, was launched by environment minister Phil Hogan and has been hailed as good news for tourists and retailers, provided you’ve your cash is in groats.
Eight thousand people have signed up for Movember, the annual charity fundraiser which sees men grow moustaches to raise awareness for prostate cancer. The campaign, which encourages women to take part as well – by bolstering beliefs moustaches look good on their boyfriends – has grown well over the last five years and will soon be a full beard.
Never mind Movember it looks like we’re in for a snowvember with white stuff already covering the hills of Donegal as well as parts of Limerick and Cork. It’s going to be a long winter.
A Spanish traveller was ejected from a Ryanair flight in Valencia after trying to board with a carry on bag AND a book. The passenger was told she would have to pay an additional €50 to check in the book before becoming aggressive.The story didn’t have a happy ending as she was removed by police. Ryanair stated she had also refused to show ID or a boarding card which led to her removal.
In celeb news Bon Jovi has thanked Irish knee surgeons for keeping him rocking and rolling on tour. After suffering from knee problems John Bon was referred to a Dublin surgeon who fixed him up. Now he’s fit enough to charge €79.50 for a ticket to their show at Slane Castle.