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Breaking Dawn Part 1: A review of the latest installment in the Twilight Saga


The most anticipated wedding (and sex scenes) of the year has finally arrived this weekend, as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan finally marry in the fourth installment of the Twilight movie saga, Breaking Dawn Part 1.
The movie, which is the first part of Myer’s final book, Breaking Dawn, focuses on Bella and Edward’s wedding, honeymoon and subsequent pregnancy. The film opens with Jacob tearing off his shirt, as he seems to do a -lot- throughout the entire movie saga, Edward’s comment in Eclipse seems somewhat appropriate. “Doesn’t he own a shirt?”
We see the normal marriage preparations. Venue, dress, shoes, bachelor party, pre wedding jitters; before the unconventional couple finally exchange vows and tie the knot, before leaving for their honeymoon on Isle Esme, off the coast of Rio de Janerio. Finally able to comsummate their relationship, the couple do so. After their first time, the furniture has been ruined and Bella is bruised. Edward worries about having hurt her and is reluctant to bed her a second time for this reason, and the couple end up spending their time playing chess instead. However, they end up doing the deed again, and Bella falls pregnant, much to the disgust of Jacob and the werewolf pack. But they aren’t the only party worried. The Cullen family are worried too, a vampire impregnating a human has never happened before and Bella’s body seems “incompatible” with the fetus. To add to their worries, Alice can no longer see a future for Bella.
This movie catered to it’s long term fans perfectly, giving them everything they have expected; a moody Jacob, a glowering, brooding Edward and a sulking Bella. But for fans of the movie, this installment was actually quite enjoyable. It contained the perfect mix of drama, action and humour, and complemented the book perfectly.
The acting was as expected, and the actors stuck to their moody, broody, sulky roles that have come to be expected of them. Taylor Lautner (Jacob) really stood out, to me, in this film. His acting skills have improved and there are some really convincing scenes between him and Kirsten Steward (Bella Swan) as he tries to convince her firstly not to sleep with Edward, not to keep the baby, etc. Robert Pattison is a good actor and he did deliver, but I felt his performance has grown rather predictable. We had expected him to be moody, glowering and brooding and he gave us this on a plate, almost.
This being said, it’s not necessarily the fault of the actors, Lautner, Stewart and Pattison are all good actors, but as far as script and dialogue goes, there’s not much to work on. The dialogue was predictable and, at points, almost laughable. The characters aren’t allowed to move up or to develop. from their expected moods and roles.
This is not a movie to watch if you have not followed the series from the first tale. If you are not familiar with the characters and the plots this movie will end up as a rather big dissappointment.

That being said, if you are a Twilight fan you will love this movie. It delivers what is promised and ends the movie just as you want more. It complements the book perfectly, as I’ve said. It’s accurate and very well put together. People who have followed this from the first book and/or movie will enjoy Breaking Dawn Part 1.
My verdict: Predictable.
I am a Twilight fan, but putting aside the books and remaining objective about this, it was very predictable, as I’ve pointed out. Dialogue, acting, plot. We knew how they’d react, what they’d do next. This was obvious even to people who may not have read the book before seeing the movie. Predictable sums up the movie for me completely.