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Think Pink This October And Be Breast Cancer Alert


October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness month. Today, it is one of the most prevalent types of cancers in Ireland. Approximately 2,600 women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually. Although male breast cancer is rare, there are 20 new cases reported every year. Genetic factors, physical inactivity, alcohol consumption and being overweight can increase your chances of getting breast cancer.

It is vital to be breast aware and recognise the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Women between the ages of 50-64 should avail of a free mammogram every two years. It is important to check the breast, armpit and collarbone for changes. Continue reading

Breast Friends … Why Not Get Your Shop On While Supporting Breast Cancer Research?

As you may or may not know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I know what you’re thinking, “we’re all too familiar with breast cancer and it’s often tragic consequences” yet the fact remains, women the world over are still, for one reason or another, failing to take those steps toward putting into action early-detection plans which are essential to overcoming this terrible disease.

According to The National Breast Cancer Foundation women need to start creating detection plans which include setting reminders for themselves to administer regular breast checks at home and of course to schedule breast exams and mammograms. While it is true that we can in fact base the regularity with which we choose to schedule these exams on our individual ages and health history’s it would be unwise to place too much stock in either factor. When it comes to our health we must begin to appreciate that no matter how young or vigorous we may seem that none of us are immune.

In addition to taking these steps to help ourselves to prevent/detect early on-set breast cancer it is equally important to help those already afflicted with this life threatening disease. Although contributions may take many forms it is particularly important to donate to various charities and support groups that conduct ongoing research into both the prevention of and treatment of breast cancer. Making it that much easier to part with our hard earned cash are those companies which have pledged to donate a percentage of the purchase price of specific products to Breast Cancer Research in honour of this annual campaign. These companies include, Clinique, Origins, Aveda, Bobbi Brown and the especially generous Estee Lauder which has pledged 100% of all profits from the sale of their Evelyn Lauder Dream Compact to this worthwhile cause!

So why not get it while it’s going guilt free and treat yourself or a loved one to something nice or just get a head start on stocking fillers for Christmas all while raising money for further research into the treatment of this terrible disease and encouraging women everywhere to take greater control of their health? Like I said this is one of those rare win/win cases! Below are just a couple of those limited edition products you can buy in order to support the cause but remember this; it’s not all about the money, sometimes all we need to give to make a difference in this world is a little bit of our time. Earlier today in fact Estee Lauder proved this to be oh-so-true by announcing a pretty fantastic way Facebook users can now make the most of their time online. During the month of October the company will donate $1 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for every post that is made on their own Facebook timeline. And if that’s not easy enough a way for us all to do a little good I don’t know what is!

Clinique Chubby Sticks are absolute must haves and now with 4euro from each sale going to The Clinical Cancer Research Trust we have one fantastic excuse to splash out on yet another shade, this time in the form of the easy to wear Pink With A Purpose! Purchase at or Brown Thomas Ireland.

Treat yourself to this deluxe Evelyn Lauder Dream Compact and every cent you spend will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. So that’s one gorgeous gift for you and one generous donation to charity. Talk about guilt free shopping! Purchase at House Of Fraser (also online) or Brown Thomas Ireland.

Origins Mini Make a Difference Hand Treatment and Peace of Mind Gel complete with key fob are handbag essentials you can get your hands on for a limited time only. They’ll set you back 12euro but 2euro will go to charity so it’s not all bad folks! Purchase online at, Debenhams, and Dublin’s own Dundrum Town Centre.