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News in Brief : National Hero At The Centre Of Langer Row

guiForgive NIB for thinking Arthur’s Day in all its Guinnessy glory was over for another year last Thursday. Seems we were wrong.

The celebrations haven’t stopped in Kildare. A statue of the man himself has been unveiled to celebrate the first thirty years of his life spent in Celbridge. Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht Jimmy Deenihan was at the event declaring the Diageo name, sorry Guinness name, was known around the world and he hoped the statue would encourage people to drink more Guinness, sorry, visit the town. Although it’s Leixlip that claims the birthplace of the actual black stuff as that is where the first brewery, owned by Diageo, sorry Arthur, was established.*

Apparently Health Minister, and NIB favourite, James Reilly, wants the country to be tobacco free by 2025. Or at least that’s what his smiling face on the advertising says. Behind the scenes it’s highly unlikely the government would outlaw one of the biggest revenue earners and key tool in keeping the masses in hand. More likely is Ireland will become tobacco free, but we’ll all be addicted to million euro gold cigarillos made of ground up unicorn horns. Continue reading

News in Brief-De Burgh Funds Anglo Musical But What About Cowen?

Twelve Anglo men. We found out at the start of that week that the Irish Lothario with an eye for the ladies in red Chris de Burgh, is in fact one of a dozen wealthy individuals that helped bankroll Anglo: The Musical. Un-burgh-lievable, who knew he had it in him?
Producers have refused to name who else might have chipped in to stage the satirical puppet show based on Ireland’s economic crash however Marian Keyes and Sharon Corr are believed to have had some involvement. News in Brief is going to start a book on the other 11, 14-1 Brian Cowen paid for his own puppet.

It looks like It could go all quiet on the Dublin front. An initiative proposed by the city council want’s to see a delegated area become “quiet zones” as part of a European directive. These areas can be parks or gardens with a day time decibel level of no more than 55 and the dominant sounds those of birds calling or water splashing. All well and good you may say but how will this silence be enforced? If you take a fit of the sneezes down at Dollymount Strand can you expect to be carted off? Or wrestled (silently) to the ground before having gaffe tape plastered across your face? It all sounds a bit Orwellian, not too far from the thought police.

F*** your Honda Civic and your horse I’ve got an ambulance outside. Whilst paramedics attended a house in Blanchardstown, west Dublin this week, the crew were amazed to discover when they came back outside their fire brigade vehicle had been nicked. Presumably not by the tax paying cream of Irish society. A second emergency vehicle then had to be called to pick up the crew of the first. The first ambulance was later found crashed at Corduff Park. Great craic lads.

Apparently austerity is undermining our human rights, and there’s News in Brief thinking it was all a big laugh! Honestly cutting off electricity and gas supplies is just makes dodging the dog a fun after dinner game and eating a cardboard cereal box is even quicker than the Special K challenge.
No, we don’t need Amnesty International Ireland to tell us life isn’t all beer and skittles and the next budget is effectively going to pour salt into our open wounds but sure isn’t it great to have a fully funded conference.

And finally News in Brief was astonished to hear of the passenger that had to step in to help land a diverted Lufthansa flight from Newark to Frankfurt at Dublin airport this week. As I’m sure was Michael O’Leary . . .

The Top Ten Most Hated Men In Ireland

We have in recent years grown accustomed to hating those who have inflicted pain upon us. Sadly given the current state the country is in most of these hate figures stem from past and current governments who have sold us down the river. But among this batch of hate figures lies more than political greed and ignorance as infamous sports stars and circus clowns who pose as singers also feature in our list of the top ten most hated men in Ireland.

1)Phil Hogan-Ireland’s very own Mr. Fix It has become a forlorn figure in recent weeks after his disastrous attempts to persuade 2 million people to pay the household charge failed miserably. As of the March 31st deadline less than half of those eligible had yet to pay the €100 charge. Cracks are also beginning to emerge in the coalition such is the ferocity of the argument against paying the tax.

2)Bertie Ahern-A man of many friends who has become the face of the recession. The former Irish Taoiseach used his many bank accounts to swindle money from left, right and centre. Rumour has it the Oxford dictionary are redefining the meaning of corruption. Expect a picture of Bertie to feature beside it. The disgraced former Fianna Fàil leader is also available for promotional work, if you would like to contact him simply hashtag #willdoanythingformoney or open a cupboard near you. He may be lurking nearby.

3)Sean Fitzpatrick-The wanker banker is a cult hate figure amongst the Irish people having been at the forefront of the banking crash. The ex Anglo Irish chief hammered out loan after loan and will never be accountable for his actions. Prosecution should befall him sometime soon if there is any justice in this world.

4)Brian Cowen-hardly surprising that the iconic alcoholic and legendary Irish ballad singer features on this list. Far be it from me to mention in the first sentence that he succeeded his comrade Bertie, such was his lack of leadership and constant failings. Biffo will forever be remembered as nothing more than an incompetent and senseless moron whose main claim to fame is a drunken television appearance.

5)Enda Kenny-One year into his tenure as Irish Taoiseach the man viewed by many as our very own problem solver is drawing the ire of those who elected him. Pre election promises have failed to materialise but then again what’s new. Has “tried” his best to be seen to be repressing the urgencies of the European Union on many issues, imparticular our low corporation tax. Expect the act to fall sometime soon and Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy will get their way. Big changes are required if Kenny is to return to popularity amongst the Irish public.

6)Gerry Adams-Vile, deceiving, inept just few of the words that could critique the life and times of the Sinn Fèin leader. The republican has more secrets than Pandora’s box. His chequered history is common knowledge amongst the people of Ireland. Adams tested the waters last year when he put forward his comrade Martin McGuinness in the presidential election. He will no doubt have been surprised by the reception McGuinness got and expect Adams to run for the Àras in the future.

7)Jedward-Love them or loathe them you can’t ignore them. Despite not having a musical note between them the Lucan duo have gone on to achieve great success following their stint on X-factor. After a solid turnout at last year’s Eurovision, one would expect Jedwardmania to propel Ireland further up the ranks this year.

8) Ajai Chopra-The deputy director of the IMF’s European department has been a regular visitor to these shores in recent months following the decision by the Irish government to sell our economic sovereignty to the powers that be in Brussels and Berlin. “Chopper” is a 20 year veteran with the IMF and shoulders some of the blame for the burden of debt placed on the Irish people. Had it not been for the economic ineptitude of repetitive Irish government’s he would not have become the notorious celebrity he is today.

9)Brian Kennedy-The Voice of Ireland himself. Self proclaimed media whore, once wrote a song or two and continues to publicise his less than popular book by making ridiculous insinuations. Irish rugby captain Brian O’Driscoll has yet to clarify whether or not he is in fact Kennedy’s sweetheart.

10)Thierry Henry-Irish people certainly know how to hold a grudge and no one will ever forget the France striker’s handball that effectively ended Irish hopes of making it to the 2010 World Cup.

Betrayal,Austerity and Pain-The Road to Ireland Losing It`s Freedom

Ninety five years ago a grave struggle ensued that ultimately resulted in Irish independence been finally achieved after 800 years of oppression at the hands of British forces. Now has the centenary anniversary of the Easter Rising in on the horizon, Irish independence and sovereignty has once again been taken away from the Irish people.

Successive Irish governments have continued to fail the people of what in essence was to be a democracy yet the power of the people of Ireland is limited as the scandalous greedy and ignorant politicians exist only to line their own pockets. Cronyism and corruption, two words you can associate with any Irish government in the past twenty years.

Ireland are staring into the abyss, with the situation getting worse than ever before. When Brian Cowen and Brian Lenihan agreed to the bailout package from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, they threw away everything Ireland had achieved in 1916, with the latter been posthumously credited as a great politician despite his many discrepancies . We are no longer a sovereign political or economic nation, we are now merely a puppet of the European Union. The very fact that we have become the joke of Europe will have turned the graves of many Irish heroes who fought for the freedom of this once great nation.

But now this week, the true extent of Irish misfortunes has been clearly revealed. Budget documents emerge in the German Parliament without any knowledge of our government or so they would have you believe. We are no longer and independent nation, our people have been continuously shafted for what has been described as the greater good. But here we stand knee deep in recession with seemingly no way out. Austerity is the order of the day as the government continues to cut until they can cut no more. There are no ends the Irish government will go to in order to satisfy the EU/IMF and already within their first year of office the coalition have broken many promises. Economic hardship is no longer a threat is a visible reality.

For every hero that ever bled for this nation reads a greedy politician. For every Michael Collins read Bertie Ahern. We are no longer a proud democratic nation, we are now bound to the restraints set by the EU and our government is not answerable to the people but to Merkel and Sarkozy.

The very elements needed to drag Ireland out of this mess have emigrated in search of new hope and opportunity on foreign soil. Many will never return having been betrayed by the cowards in Dàil Eireann and the wanker bankers who have crippled Ireland.

Democracy and Independence no longer exist. Eight hundred years of fighting oppression to achieve freedom has been banished to the history books and now our sovereignty is gone and gone forever.

Thirty Former Ministers Drawing Pension Over €100,000

Thirty former government ministers are currently receiving annual pensions in excess of €100,000, despite the current state of the Irish economy.

Former taoisigh Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen, the two main perpetrators in crippling the country and burdening Ireland with such a substantial debt, receive the greatest amount – with annual payments of €152,331.67 and €151,061.77, respectively.

Albert Reynolds was shown to receive the next largest amount, with a pension payment of €149,740.29 each year.

President elect, Michael D Higgins, who is set to be inaugrated tomorrow receives €87,928.54.

Shamed ex ministers are also raking in a fortune despite the controversies they endured when they held office. John O`Donoghue, the man of many expenses, continues to enjoy a lavish lifestyle living off his healthy €119,177.67 pension. 

The figures were released following a Dáil question by Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams regarding the amount of money received by former ministers and TDs on an annual basis.

Full list courtesy of The

NOTES: Maurice Manning and Marian Harkin are gifting their TD pensions, while Eithne Fitzgerald, Maire Geoghegan Quinn, Gay Mitchell and Proinnsias de Rossa are gifting their TD & Ministerial pensions.

Similarly, * Liam Aylward is gifting his Ministerial pension for 2011, as it * Liam Cosgrave, Snr.

The following figures represent the yearly payment made to former ministers, less the Public Service Pension Reduction:

Ahern, Noel – €70,233.35

Ahern, Michael – €76,444.55

Ahern, Dermot – €119,965.23

Ahern, Bertie – €152,331.67

Allen, Lorcan – €64,043.83

Allen, Bernard – €64,535.78

Andrews, David – €108,430.45

Aylward, Liam* – €49,934.88

Barry, Richard – €75,610.22

Barry, Peter – €75,610.22

Begley, Michael – €69,452.80

Bhreathnach, Niamh – €47,176.24

Birmingham, George – €37,890.53

Brady, Vincent – €59,630.56

Browne , John – €55,202.36

Bruton, John – €141,849.27

Burke, Richard – €53,334.61

Burke, Ray – €103,838.73

Byrne, Hugh – €68,390.96

Calleary, Sean – €72,841.80

Callely, Ivor – €14,754.28

Carey, Donal – €66,022.87

Cassidy, Donie – €11,505.90

Collins, Edward – €63,413.57

Collins, Gerard – €102,564.54

Connaughton, Paul – €67,668.29

Connolly, Gerard – €74,735.35

Cooney, Patrick – €102,564.53

Cosgrave, Liam T – €55,049.59

Cosgrave , Liam (Snr)* – €133,023.62

Cowen , Brian – €151,061.77

Creed, Donal – €66,806.83

Cullen, Martin – €119,177.67

Currie, Austin – €59,383.84

Daly, Brendan – €95,515.43

D’Arcy, Michael – €68,854.39

Davern, Noel – €74,151.64

De Valera, Síle – €103,647.51

Deasy, Austin – €87,495.58

Dempsey, Noel – €119,177.67

Desmond, Barry – €86,423.62

Donnellan, John – €40,798.95

Doyle, Avril – €60,135.57

Dukes, Alan – €94,467.80

Fahey, Jackie – €68,011.89

Fahey, Frank – €113,141.36

Faulkner, Padraig – €102,564.54

Fitzpatrick , Tom – €56,076.74

Flood, Chris – €55,793.17

Flynn, Padraig – €87,129.22

Gallagher, Pat ‘The Cope’ – €70,562.08

Harney, Mary – €129,805.67

Higgins , Jim – €57,363.50

Higgins, Michael D – €87,928.54

Honan, Tras – €50,750.25

Hussey,Thomas – €61,215.35

Hussey, Gemma – €66,057.70

Hyland, Liam – €61,327.03

Jacob, Joe – €79,125.66

Kavanagh, Liam – €91,535.68

Kiely, Rory – €52,324.36

Kitt , Tom – €81,476.40

Lalor, Paddy – €101,153.89

Lyons, Denis – €48,744.00

MacSharry, Ray – €88,936.80

McCarthy, Sean – €38,604.11

McCreevy, Charlie – €119,177.67

McDaid , Jim – €97,406.69

McDonald, Charles – €58,501.32

McDowell, Michael – €60,388.64

McManus, Liz – €12,309.97

Moffatt, Tom – €42,192.80

Molloy, Robert – €113,677.53

Mullooly, Brian – €57,302.98

Nealon, Ted – €59,736.76

Noonan, Michael L – €80,684.50

O’Brien, Fergus – €66,991.00

O’Connell, Dr John – €76,309.85

O’Donnell, Liz – €58,903.88

O’Donnell, Tom – €85,797.21

O’Donoghue, Martin – €51,330.09

O’Donoghue, John – €119,177.67

O’Hanlon, Rory – €116,617.53

O’Keeffe, Edward (Ned) – €65,515.65

O’Keeffe, Jim – €70,797.11

O’Kennedy, Michael – €122,803.59

O’Malley, Tim – €31,192.97

O’Malley, Desmond – €106,721.70

O’Rourke, Mary – €117,981.01

O’Shea, Brian – €66,970.92

O’Sullivan, Toddy – €56,425.20

O’Toole , Paddy – €74,069.42

Owen, Nora – €73,826.20

Parlon, Tom – €31,192.96

Pattison, Seamus – €117,205.46

Power, Sean – €36,464.13

Power, Patrick – €75,968.59

Reynolds, Albert – €149,740.29

Ryan, Eoin – €53,814.13

Ryan, John – €67,335.13

Ryan, Richie – €93,032.73

Smith, Michael – €119,177.67

Spring, Dick – €121,108.28

Taylor, Mervyn – €77,979.70

Treacy, Noel – €83,609.13

Treacy, Sean – €119,177.67

Wallace, Dan – €73,092.24

Wallace, Mary – €77,446.64

Walsh, Joe – €119,177.67

Woods, Michael – €122,695.95

Yates, Ivan – €74,836.65


Brian Lenihan 1959-2011 R.I.P

Fianna Fáil deputy leader and former finance minister Brian Lenihan has died aged 52.

Mr Lenihan was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in December 2009 and passed away in the early hours of the morning at his home in west Dublin.

He is survived by his wife, Patricia, their two children, his mother, and three brothers and one sister.

The Lenihan name  has always been attached to the Fianna Fáil banner. His father, Brian senior, was a leading figure in the party for many years, while his grandfather, aunt and brother were also Fianna Fáil TDs.

The barrister turned politician was elected to the Dáil in 1996 for Dublin West in the by-election caused by the death of his father.

He was recognised as a talented TD, but promotion came slowly under Bertie Ahern’s leadership.After a spells as  Minister for Children and Minister for Justice, it would be under Brian Cowen`s tenrue that he would become prominent. Cowen appointed Lenihan as Minister for Finance, a role that would greatly shape the future of Ireland, a country now riddled with economic depression.

After a tense night of meetings in Government Buildings in September 2008, the Government guaranteed €400bn of loans and deposits for Irish financial institutions.

Later, NAMA was set up to absorb property loans, most banks were effectively nationalised, and a series of tough budgets were introduced, cutting spending and raising taxes.

Despite his illness he continued with his job,unsuccessfully contesting the Fianna Fáil leadership after Brian Cowen’s resignation.He was the only Fianna Fáil TD elected in Dublin in February’s General Election.

Since then, he became deputy leader of the struggling party under Micheàl Martin but in recent weeks his health again deteriorated.

Martin has paid a glowing tribute to Lenihan, admitting the lost has left a wave of grief hanging over his party.

‘Brian has fought a brave and courageous battle with a serious illness over the past 18 months,’ he said.

‘In all of this time, Brian never once flinched from his public duties and he showed an unceasing and untiring commitment to tackling the economic crisis facing this country.

‘Even when receiving debilitating treatment, Brian continued to work assiduously in the best interests of this country.

Brian Lenihan 1959-2011 Ar Dhèis Go Raibh an T-anam.

Callan`s Cameo Rips into Former Taoisigh

If ever there was a man to make you laugh within the political ambiguity and corruption currently gripping our country, then Nob Nation`s Oliver Callan is the one.

Here Callan provides a hilarious look at the lives of politicians and GAA stars from times gone by. Ex Taoisigh Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen are prominent figures in Callan`s cameo.