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Gardai Reveal Severe Threat To Irish And UK Based Businesses


The Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation has recently detected a pattern of criminal activity that has the potential to cause serious financial losses to both public and private Businesses.

Up to 14 cases have been reported to date, with potential losses of over €5m, however €100k has been stolen. A number such bodies based around the country have received fraudulent instructions in the recent weeks via Email or letter which instructed them to record new account details for their various clients. There is no pattern in the fraudulent account details as they involve different financial institutions in both Ireland and the UK. Continue reading

Double Standards: The Tale Of Sean Dunne


Up until a few months back, the only business-trader this correspondent heard of negotiating deals while still bankrupt was Del ‘Boy’ Trotter; when he convinced Sid, the manager of the Nag’s Head, & Denzil, the owner of an artic-truck into a bulk-buying booze-run to Calais (while still insolvent due to bad investments in the Central American markets).

Your correspondent heard of another business-man recently negotiating a deal while still bankrupt, namely the property developer Sean Dunne; who helped convince the seller of 74 Grand Street, Soho, Manhattan to trade it for €3.6 million (while still insolvent due to bad investments in the Irish market).

Continue reading

How Big Businesses Use Emotional Power Of Logos


Golden arches. Swoosh. Mouse ears. You know what they mean. Some logos are so powerful that they don’t need to spell out their names, or that they transcend cultural borders. How can these simple, trivial little artworks inspire global familiarity with so many of them having become iconic? Because they’re not trivial or simple.

Iconic logos are masters of subtleties and understatements. In the infographic, we learn that logos carry sublime colour meanings. Do you ever wonder why some logos are bright yellow and some red? Why luxury brands are usually black, white, or brown, while corporate logos are blue? Continue reading

Irish In Exile #8 : Owen Ralph

owenAt a time when many people are forced to leave Ireland, Owen Ralph is one of the lucky ones whose time away is part of an educational and cultural investment in his future.

As part of his studies at UCD, the 20-year-old from Dublin is in the midst of a one-year ERASMUS internship in Germany, and Irish News Review decided to speak to Owen to discover what inspired him to pursue the path he’s on.

“I always have ideas in my head or written down for businesses that one day I’ll set up or help another business with,” he explains, “so Commerce International in UCD was an obvious choice because I also liked German at the time thanks to some great teachers at Lucan Community College.  Continue reading

Increase In Companies Using Gaeilge

Foras Na Gaeilge’s efforts to get more businesses to use the Irish language appear to be prospering thanks in large part to their “Gnò Means Business” campaign.

The body, which is responsible for the promotion of the Irish language, is constantly developing a wide programme of services and support through this special branding initiative which aims to facilitate and increase the practical use of Irish within the business sector. They strongly believe that the Irish language can be a great advantage to every type of business, even those with little or no knowledge of the language.   Continue reading

Dublin Digital Scene Fuelled By Pump Station Studios

The business scene throughout the globe is undergoing a period of rapid change, consider it a try or die era. The rise of the internet over the past decade has brought about new threats and opportunities.

While the internet has led to the death of a plethora of businesses and indeed some industries, it has created a new marketplace in which modern day businesses and consumers can operate with relative ease.

The power of the internet knows no boundaries but the power of a business becomes somewhat limited if it fails to incorporate a digital strategy.

Eager to get a deeper insight into the workings of a digital strategy we sat down with Jason Hassett, co-founder of Pump Station Studios, an innovative software company that specializes in the development of web and mobile applications.     Continue reading

News in Brief-Ireland Set For Scum Town As Quinn’s Daughter Loses Her Memory

Aoife-QuinnCounty Clare may soon boast the first Irish “scum town” following the introduction of similar in Amsterdam. The idea was mooted by Fine Gael Councilor Joe Arkins at a council meeting on Monday. “It sounds drastic but we are at a stage where something drastic must be done” Arkins said. These villages of the damned would house anti-social neighbours together until eventually they unite, rise up and kill us all. Continue reading

How To Be A Huge Success by 40

The Irish Independent recently published an article entitled “Forty Under 40: the young turks and tycoons of tomorrow”. The article gave a run down of 40 successful Irish business people all under 40 who have, for want of a better word, made it.

The 40 overachievers draw quite the inspirational spectacle and anybody looking for a kick to go out and conquer the world should read with keen interest.

I decided to run the numbers on the cohort to see what are the essential ingredients for success by 40.

Well firstly there is no immediate rush. While the youngest, Shane Curran of Libramatic is just 12, the average age of our go-getters is 34.2. In fact just 15% of the list are 30 or below and 40% of the entire list is 37, 38 or 39. So the notion of being a millionaire by 25, or indeed 30, or even 35 doesn’t seem to bear out – looks like we’ll all just have to keep slogging away!

The other thing to avoid, if you want to be a tycoon of tomorrow, is being female. Just 17.5% of the list are ladies and it seems that if you are a female entrepreneur you can forget it. 57% of the ladies on the list rose through the ranks of large companies. It also seems that ladies have to wait that little bit longer for success. None make it onto the list of 30 or below and 3 of the 7 ladies on the list are 37, 38 or 39. So the message is ladies hang back for a while, if you bother at all!

Getting a good education is seen as laying the foundations of a successful career. However it seems that it is what you do with that education that counts. On the list just 12.5% (or 5 of the 40) included details of any sort regarding college education. That’s not to say that the rest didn’t go to college. Most with the exception of Shane Curran, you would suspect did. However it seems that education is not a means in itself; it is just a means to an end.

For anybody looking for the inspiration to set up themselves take note now. If you want to be successful in business by 40 you’ve gotta go it alone. 67.5% of people on the list are self employed. If you want to make it to the top by 40 you have a better chance of getting there if you go it along. In fact of those who are self-employed 85% did not have a significant history in a large company prior to striking it out on their own. It seems that the notion of going to learn your trade first does not have to apply to those who make it big.

Having a family business to slot into used to be seen as a guaranteed road to success. Indeed if this list were complied 5 years ago many sons and daughters of former property tycoons would most likely feature prominently. Not so anymore, only 10% of people have family pedigree behind them. Also of note only one name on the list, Jamie Rohan, is from (his dad’s) property background.

Finally what industry is most likely to pave a way to success? It’s pretty cut and dry really: 45% of people on the list operate in the tech and internet space. By a long shot our best and brightest rising stars are looking to the tech world to generate riches and success. There isn’t really a runner up industry: advertising gets a nod with 7.5% of participants, retail takes another 7.5%, recruitment gets 5% as does industry. After that it’s a smorgasbord of industries from gaming to gambling, animation to alcohol, biotech to bread. The old staple of property gets just one entry and banking, the most lucrative of lucrative endeavours in the past is conspicuous by its absence.

So in a nutshell how do you become a roaring success by 40? Well you need to be male, a techie, in your late 30’s, not from a family dynasty, self employed and not overly hung on your college education.